Mindbender of the week: Olentzero is a republican.

I came to that startling realization on Saturday whilst biking around thinking about the royal wedding and how I strongly favor the abolition of monarchies in general and the Swedish monarchy in particular (since I live here) and its replacement with a full-on republic. As a Bolshevik originally from the US, thinking such a thing nearly caused a hemorrhage. It is, however, the truth. I am a republican, and a proud one at that.

So there.

republican with a small r. Aristocracy and royalty seem downright bizarre to me. The only reason that makes the slightest sense is tourism form the pageantry.

I have always found the existing monarchies unfathomable,particularly where they still actually have some governmental function. I can only imagine some kind of Monty Python skit and giggle to myself.

Clees:e as republican leader. "Alright with this stroke of the pen I will abolish the power Of the king and move us into an enlightened democracy…
Palin: as mousy man in back “excuse me…All the power?”
Cleese: “What was that?”
Palin: “Did you say you were going to abolish all the power of the King”
Cleese “Well yes, that was the point of all this, give the power to the people”
Palin: "Yes I know all that but… do we as the people really need all the power?
Cleese:“Who else should have it?”
Palin: “Well, The king of course, It’s such a long tradition and all, I hate leave him with nothing and hurt his feelings.”
Cleese: “are you suggesting that we maintain the Hereditary tyrant’s power in perpetuity? "
Palin: “Well can’t we keep just a smidgen of Tyranny? Just for old Time sake, we are gaining a lot of rights and equality all in all, will anybody really notice if we just give a miss on a few of them?”
Cleese: “Give them a miss!?”
Palin"Just a few of the smaller rights and equalities, no more than 10.20 percent tyranny is all I’m proposing, 30 percent tops. It would just mean so much to the old boy to know that he is still has a birthright of power and we would be stuck with the whole of self determination,
such a burden”
Idle: Nobody told me I would be stuck with the whole of self determination, I won’t sign.
Chapman: Well I sure am glad somebody said it. Can you believe we were all gathered here to completely abolish tyranny from the land?
Cleese: "Well perhaps it was a bit rushed with all the blood and shouting. Are we all agreed then? 30% tyranny in the new government?