Mineral Water

I had always assumed that Mineral Water was so called because it contained disolved minerals etc. that might be thought to be healthy or whatever. Then I saw a bottled water label that boasted about how pure the water was. That got me thinking.

Is mineral water so called because it contains disolved minerals or because it is a mineral in the sense of comming from underground?

The ‘pure’ claim is pure bullsh…I mean bollo… er I should say rubbish. Mineral water does contain minerals. My bottle of volvic contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, pottasium, etc…

Of course, most mineral water makes no claim to purity, it was just that one bottle that claimed to be pure that made me think.

What is the meaning of mineral in “mineral water”?

No cite, but dissolved minerals. In the US, “water from underground” that is purified of dissolved minerals is labeled “Spring water”