"Mini" CD-Rs

So I picked up a 5 pack of Memorex “Pocket” CD-Rs. You know, the ones about 4 inches in diameter. 185 megs / 21 minutes audio. The package claims that they’ll work with any CDR or CDRW burner, as well as with any CD-R compatible digital camera.

How the hell do they work?? I’ve tried burning them in both Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator and with Nero. Adaptec gave me a power calibration area error, then a buffer underrun error followed by that.

Nero tested the CD fine, then locked up 3% into the burning process. Am I doing something wrong?

Do you need special software to do this? How do you burn to a mini CD-R?


Anyway, I went to the Memorex website and found that they have some new promotion dealie going on where some software is shipped with their Pocket CD-Rs. Apparently I got a package of the pre-software ones. Anyhoo, a quick trip to the software website (NTIUS.COM I think) offered a trial download of some CD burning software. Lo and behold, it worked. It burned to my mini CD-Rs.

Now, does someone else who uses these things have any idea where I can get some free software to burn to them? Or did I misunderstand their promotion- the next set I buy should include the software; is it the full version?

Many thanks

for software of any type try download.com Is this a PC or a Mac?

how much data can you get on one of those disks?

They also make mini dvds.


If I had a DVDR I would look into that :>

mini dvd’s are pricey, about $24.00 each.

mini cds seem like fun.

Cute, aren’t they? I like the fact that they can fit in a shirt pocket.

They work just fine in my HP CDRW unit with Adaptec Easy CD Creator software.

Maybe your CD drive doesn’t accommodate them well and they have too much wobble or something.

Be careful of the wonky-shaped ones (eg credit card sized CDs). They get totally jammed in some slot-loading drives, such as my ex-boss’s Indigo imac. Fine in my tray-loading ibook though. To be safe, stick to symmetrical ones.

with normal sized CDRs costing about 1 buck per metric ton these days, and holding four times as much music as that, whats the point? is the size really THAT much more convenient?

and if it is about convenience, why not pop for a Minidisc Player, which gets you about as much play-time as a CD, is re-recordable, has a protective casing, and a compression codec that is for all intents and purposes undistinguishable from uncompressed, full-bandwith CD audio?
The Hat

Ironically, that’s my setup as well.