Mini cooper s problems !

Hello, I recently purchased a used mini cooper s 06 manual. I was very determined to get this car since they seem fun to drive. Now i have come across a few issues and I am not sure what the best options are. I took the car in for an oil change at the dealership and they said I have a leaking oil pan and new side motor mount:confused: and well as new shocks for the rear side. I am wondering if these are common problems as well as any recommendations on brands for parts and such.
Greatly appreciate any help or advice

Thank you!

Well… a leaking oil pan is pretty obvious, and not a big deal at all. An owner can eyeball that problem and live with it or get it fixed. I’d get it fixed.

Not sure if the other stuff is common, but it’s not far fetched. How many miles are on the car? at 150k miles, you don’t blink at this stuff. At 50k miles, you sort of go ‘hmmmmm…’


As Philster said, the leaky oil pan is something that you either put a piece of cardboard under your car to soak up the gunk and live with it or you get it fixed. If you think that the mechanic is bsing, just look underneath! If there is a crust of gunk, the mechanic is probably right.

As far as the motor mounts issue, its mostly a noise issue. The motor mount is supposed to isolate all the vibration and rattling from traveling from the engine to the rest of the car. If you are mostly comfortable with the noise level, especially during startup, etc., its prolly ok to skip this item.

I had an '05 S with the motor mount issue. Don’t quote me, but I believe that was a recall issue (mine was under warranty at the time, so it wouldn’t have cost me anything).

I’d have them check to see if the motor mount was a recall issue. If it was, it shouldn’t cost you anything.

Never had anything with the oil pan, though. Sorry…

An oil pan leak could be minor, just a few drips, and might go several years without really needing repair. Or it could be significant, losing enough oil to make it necessary to check the level frequently and possibly causing deterioration of rubber parts that the oil leaks onto. Or somewhere in between those points.

The motor mount could be a little weak, not much of an issue. Or it could be broken, allowing the engine to move too much during acceleration and possibly straining some hoses or wiring harnesses. Or somewhere in between those points.

The shocks could be a little weak, not much of an issue. Or they could be shot, causing handling issues that at worst could result in loss of control. Or somewhere in between those points.

Too many auto repair facilities see something that’s not perfect and present it as a repair that is needed, when often it could give reasonable service for quite a while. They don’t accurately prioritize between “worth keeping an eye on” and “omigod it’s gotta be fixed NOW!”, making too many things sound like the latter when they might be closer to the former.

The most helpful thing for you would be to get a second opinion from a competent and honorable shop that can evaluate the degree of wear and give you a real-world assessment of the situation. This would include a judgment of how badly (or not) the repairs might be needed and how long they could likely go before really needing to be fixed.

Find a good, non-dealer mechanic that works with Minis. Usually this will be a mechanic that works on other German cars (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc). Have them give it a look. Actually would have been better to do this prior to buying the car, but that’s water under the bridge. I have a 05 Mini S and it’s had a few things, thankfully nothing too major yet. But I only have 60k on it. My mechanic will tell me if something is recall covered or not, but you should also check the web just in case.

Over here in the motoring fraternity they are known as Stealerships. Rather take the car to a good mechanic who does not have high overheads to cover by robbing each customer.

I should have stated that my motor mount issue was that it was leaking oil. It was a hydraulic motor mount and they told me it was common for the originals to do that and they replaced it with one that didn’t have this defect.

I’m not sure if this is your motor mount issue or not. The reason I noticed it was there was suddenly oil under my car (quite a bit). I called them and they told me where to look and told me that’s what the issue was. They also told me it was no problem to drive it back to the dealer to have it repaired, though I’m not sure if there would be any issue with driving it much longer.

I’m not a car “techy” person, as you can tell… :wink:

I had motor mount issues twice on my MCS automatic. Once around 60,000 miles or so (and I kinda took the mechanic’s word for it) and once around 100,000 when it was actually leaking fluid.

Where are you located? On the off chance you’re in Southern California, I may be able to recommend a mechanic or two.