Mini-Dope in Charleston

As you know, Billdo is sailing down the east coast on his way to Florida. He will be stopping in Charleston (SC) around October 18, and staying for a few days.
Any Dopers want to meet up that weekend? The 18th is a Thursday, but Billdo says he will be here until the 20th. We can do Friday Night Out, or possibly a Saturday lunch, depending on what time they set sail. I would like to have something arranged by this weekend, so I can work out some minor details.

Hi Skerri-
I’m in! Unfortunately I dont know anything about Billdo’s
trip. I’m a newbie (barely over 50 posts) so I’m a little
out of the loop!
I was beginning to wonder if there were other Dopers in the area, though.
Either Friday out or lunch sounds good to me. Where did you
have in mind?

Yay! I really thought this thread was just going to die a slow death!
Let me be the first to welcome you to the SDMB. Just watch out, it gets addictive!
I was thinking of just meeting Friday night downtown, probably Mellow Mushroom, since I work there. I figured the easier the better.
Billdo is staying at the marina on Lockwood, so I figured downtown would also be the easiest place to converge.
Hopefully other people will show, but I think you and I are the only ones nearby. If anyone else shows up, woohoo! The more, the merrier. Let me know if you can think of anywhere else you’d like to go. My email is in my profile, also.

Yay! The first ChuckDope! :smiley:

Hey, y’all! I’m in Columbia, although I often come to Charleston. Unfortunately, the weekend in question is my birthday weekend, so I already have plans here. Otherwise I’d love to join you :slight_smile: Maybe some other time?

Hey, D Marie!
I’m always up for a get-together. Wish you could make it this time, but hey, birthdays come first. Maybe we can plan something regularly.
Email me any time to make plans, and maybe we can get as good at the DopeFests as those lucky kids in Chicago and New York.

Sounds good to me! Ive never been to the Mellow Mushroom here but I hear its good. We had one in Atlanta.
I’ll email you…

Just to let you guys know, Billdo made it to Charleston tonight. I am going out of town for the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening, but if you guys want to meet up with us on Saturday night, that would be cool. Billdo says he will be here until Monday, so just let me know.

I missed it!
I thought he was coming in this weekend. I guess his
trip went quicker than planned?
I wish I had checked the boards last week- I was waiting
until the 18th though.
Oh well.
Did you have fun?