Minibikes with lawn mower motors...

I’m wanting to find a minibike with the lawn mower motor for my son, but I can’t find them. So far all I’ve come across are the new “pocket rockets”, and they won’t stand up to the dirt and rock area we live in. Anyone know where I may be able to buy one, perhaps online so it can be delivered (I don’t have access to a truck)?

I have plans on how to build one, as a PDF file that I can email you, if you’d like. You could then pay a welder to build it for you (he’d no doubt have a truck [most welders do] and could deliver it). No idea of how much it’d cost compared to a storebought model.

I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for, but I found a pair of Honda three-wheelers on Ebay for a decent price. The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned it was a Honda Fat Cat, but I couldn’t find one of those.

And here’s a Honda Trail 70.. These old Hondas will probably hold up better on your rough terrain than those little pocket bikes they sell at Pep-Boys.

Northern Tool sells a couple of mini bikes, a little fancier than the ones we used to make. They have the frame, hubs, wheels, etc. for a DIY good ol’ mini bike, and a couple of pre-builts in this link.