Mining for IMDb gold

Man, do I wanna see this movie:

*In a universe completely populated with talking animals, Chicken Little’s wildly active imagination and tendency to overreact have made her an outsider at home and in her community. When she nearly destroys the town in the great “sky is falling down” debacle, an angry mob forces Chicken Little to shape up. She heads off to Camp Yes-U-Can where she meets other animals with challenges of their own. But when Chicken Little discovers that the camp counselors have a dastardly plan, she will have to overcome her history of paranoia and summon her newfound courage in order to thwart the evildoers? *

–although I coulda done without the [Janeane Garofolo]“In a universe . . .”[/Janeane Garofolo].

Does this look the funniest possible cast that could be assembled for such a project? I hope it doesn’t suck.