Mining in New England?

To geologists: New England is an area of extremely old bedrocks and mountains-the White and Green Mountans are >400 million years old. as such they have eroded greatly. Is it likely that NE is a good place to look for metal ores, raw materials?
In the past, NE had some mining-copper was mined in Vermont, till about 1950. Western MA had a few small iron mines (Goshen area), and cola mining in Mansfield. Even RI had some small coal mining.
My question: with the big runup in commdity prices, is it likely that mining will revive in NE?

It would be a bitch to do. Vermonters and New Hampshirites (is that the proper term?) love their nature and pristine mountains. Any company trying to come in and start diggin’ big ol’ holes is in for YEARS of paperwork, legislation, protests, etc…It really wouldn’t be worth their time or money, methinks.

I know that northern New York (which is essentially the western end of New England) used to have a good-sized iron mining industry. My understanding is that it eventually closed up because the easily accessible ore was used up and other areas offered better commercial possibilities.

There is gold in New Hampshire, but it is hard to recover:

A few years ago, a mining company applied for a license to explore the White Mountains, to find uranium deposits-never heard any more about it. The coal deposits intrigue me-apparently, SE NE has large deposits of high-quality anthracite coal.