minor anecdotes about famous people that creep you out.

Weird Al went on stage and performed his entire standard show mere hours after finding out that both of his parents had died. The idea of him getting up there and clowning and singing stupid songs with the fresh knowledge of their demise really creeps me out.

Paul Shaffer, David Letterman’s bandleader, wrote “It’s raining men.” Just think about it for a moment…imagine his weird, bald, batboy-looking self sitting down at a piano and working through chord progressions while mouthing…“It’s…hmmm…it’s…raining…men?”

I have no cite, sorry, but I’ve heard that Weird Al said that if he didn’t perform, he would cry and he didn’t want that.

I always thought the one about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman ordering their servants to always back into any room they entered was creepy.

Sylvester Stallone reportedly would fire his house cleaners if they looked him in the face.

I’ll play thread cop and vote that we shouldn’t even bring in Mel Gibson or Michael Richards style meltdowns. If the anecdote was national news for a week it doesn’t really belong.

But the scat rumors don’t bother you?

Scat rumors? Wouldn’t elaboration be in keeping with this thread?

It’s been awhile but I seem to recall that an old girlfriend or something claimed that Sly was a fan of the Cleveland Steamer.

No I am not looking it up.

I was always a little skeeved out at stories about Madonna and her gal pals cruising around NYC in a limo looking for teenaged Hispanic boys to molest. I guess it would be worse if she were still at it.

Chuck Norris has a third fist that he hides behind his beard.

If that’s not creepy I don’t know what is.

David Brenner performed in Las Vegas the night of September 11, 2001. Why? Because he never misses a show.

Diana Ross supposedly fires anyone who refers to her as “Diana” instead of “Miss Ross”. (Michael Jackson supposedly fires anyone who refers to him as Michael instead of “Miss Ross”.)

A crew member who worked on the set of Island of Dr. Moreau (the Brando version) was also an amateur entomologist. On a televised interview I saw the crew member said he was thrilled to find a particularly rare bug while on location with the movie shoot and he was showing it to another crew member, telling him how endangered the species was. Val Kilmer walked up, looked at the bug, and snapped it’s head off with his fingers saying “They’re even more endangered now”. (Admittedly the whole point of the show as “Val Kilmer is a scumbucket”.)

Hugh Grant tossing canned goods at paparazzi didn’t make me lose any respect for him (they should be hit with canned goods more often than they are) but I’ll never not be able to think “lived with one of the world’s most gorgeous women and cheated on her with a cheap street whore- boy has issues”.

During the height of his “zaniness” (he seems to have mellowed a lot) Prince was reported to have fired employees for ignoring his telepathic communications. No idea if it was true.

Paris Hilton being asked by Larry King “name one thing about your life or your past that you’d change” and responding “My voice”, or being asked her favorite Bible verse (after mentioning how the Bible had become such an inspiration) and looking at him as if he’d asked her to recite the opening to the Aeneid in the original Latin, both of those tell everything you need to know about her sincerity as a person.

What’s the creepy part? Was there no audience?
On September 11 I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner and went about my usual routine, too. Heck, I even spent time futzing around on the SDMB that day.

Well now you’ve caused half a cookie to get sucked down my windpipe. :smiley:

I went to a concert on the evening of 9/11. Was there some reason I should have cancelled my plans?

Because then the terrorists would win.

I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

I’d be surprised.* Even at his zaniest, Prince was primarily known for having a wicked sense of humor, not for being legitimately nutty. He may well have told someone he was letting them go for that reason, but I don’t think he would have actually meant it. Every interview I ever read (and I used to be a hardcore Prince fan) written by anyone of any merit whatsoever was very up front about the fact that Prince was a very down-to-earth guy with a sharp wit who took nothing, including himself, very seriously.

  • Note that I’m not disputing your statement, I’m reacting to it.

My sister is a New York actress who needed to spend time in LA for awhile about a decade ago, maybe a little more. She used a service that helped her find another actress with a place in LA who would be out of town, and she could stay there for the duration.

This other actress, who was going on extended shoot in Mexico, turned out to be a good friend of the then-wife of Billy Bob Thornton, who had just hit the big-time with Sling Blade. My sister’s trip coincided with the final meltdown of the Thornton marriage, and she regularly had to forward messages to her hard-to-reach host from the desperate, soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Thornton about how BB was beating her and otherwise abusing her. I think it was something where the shoot was fairly remote and the host didn’t have a cell phone that would work in Mexico, so she’d call in when she could for any messages, and if my sister had picked up the phone, she would have taken the message from Mrs. Thornton instead of suggesting the sobbing lady call back for the machine. Very awkward all around.

I have avoided Billy Bob Thornton’s work ever since. Can’t get past that, for some reason.

So you (and David Brenner) are the reason we’re in all this trouble in Iraq.
Rumors of Robin Williams’s unpleasant body odor compound my dislike of him. And rumors about Clark Gable’s halitosis put a damper on my enjoyment of any kissy scenes with him in them.

Second the scumbucket thing. A friend of mine had to be his ‘handler’ at a convention, and I got no end of stories from that about what a genuine jerk he is in person. Kinda sucks, as I rather like his movies.