Minor, but annoying car problem: hyper blinker

I drive a 1992 Honda Accord LX auto with approximately 170k miles on it.

A few weeks ago my left blinker suddenly turned into a hyperblinker. That is it blinks 2-3 times faster then my right blinker does. All 4 turn signal lights on the outside of my car are working just fine(besides the fact the left ones blink so damn fast).

I first noticed the hyper blinker during a pretty heavy storm. I thought something may have just gotten wet but it was dry for a few weeks after that.

I have no idea what may have gone wrong. Any ideas? thanks.

If all the light bulbs are working, I’d check the fuse and/or flasher relay.

I’m too tired to do a search, but I believe there was another Accord owner with exactly the same problem here on the Boards.

These guys are saying to check all the bulbs, related fuses and flashers:


Yeah. A lot of newer cars have multiple bulbs and/or filaments for all the fancy signal lights. After dark, see whether one is not as bright, even if it appears to work. That would indicate that one of multiple bulbs or one filament in a complex bulb has failed and the bulb needs to be replaced. It could be a bad relay, but usually that would cause the bulb to not flash at all and a bad/blown fuse would cause the bulb to not light up at all.

Quick assumption is that the Accord like most other vehicles has two flasher modules-one for directional signals, and the other for four-way hazard flashers. If one direction flashes normally, and the other doesn’t, then the abnormal side has a flaw in wiring/socket/lamp.

I can’t imagine Honda using a relay for such a low draw circuit, but could be wrong. Many cars with relay controlled circuits have an underhood relay box-sometimes there will be more than one of the same type, such that you can swap two identical relays to see if the problem moves.

Excess current over what is normal for the lights will cause some flasher units to blink rapidly. Check the wiring on the left side for a low resistance path to ground. Don’t ask me how you do that. After all, I can’t do or know everything. :wink:

IIRC, your owners manual says that “hyper blinker” means you have to replace a bulb.

Well, I finally got around to fixing it.

It was indeed a broken bulb. I didn’t notice I had 4 blinkers in front and thus I missed it when I did a quick side side check.

Thanks guys.