Minor change to page titles

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but the template for page titles seems to have been changed. It used to be that a thread page would have a title (up in the title bar of the browser window) something like “Straight Dope Message Board - Linear algebra & matrix multiplication”, but now it’s the other way around: “Linear algebra & matrix multiplication - Straight Dope Message Board”.

I like this. It used to be, if you had a bunch of tabs open, they’d all be labelled “Straight Dope Mes…” or the like, and you couldn’t tell at a glance which was which. Now, though, my tab bar is labelled “Linear algebra…” “Perforated nig…” ““Horn” tufts o…” “Why are our e…” “I seem to hav…”, and I can tell which one is which.

I know it’s a small thing in the grand scheme, but thanks, whoever did this.

Hey cool!

I asked for this way back when, but was advised to just mouse over the Firefox tab to see the title as a popup. This is much nicer.

I second the thanks!

Also, if it’s a multi-page thread, the page number appears in the title: “Anyone getting Spore? - Page 4 - Straight Dope Message Board”. I don’t think that was there before, but I could very well be mistaken.

Yep yep, I noticed this too. It is of the good. Well, I suppose maybe those in office environments have a better argument against swearing in titles now, but generally speaking, I like it.

I did notice, but liked it the other way. I only have one sdmb tab open when I’m here, and have found myself clicking on a bunch of different tabs trying to get back to the thread I was reading.

It would be nice if the board had a unique tab icon instead of the default page with the bent corner. Is there any way I could assign it an icon?