Minority Report nit-picks(ehhh spoilers)

Since that other MR thread is getting filled with nit-picks that don’t belong I figured I start this thread.

How does John (Tommy C.) manage to get away from the police. I mean jeez! Where’s the friggin super liquid net gun or the futuristic stun guns? We have more technology now than they had in that movie!(As far as stopping John was concerned). Not to mention the crappy gun John carried around.

Oh and I like the fact that their clothes were the slightest bit futuristic, I mean will fashion freeze in a few months?

And when did the movie take place, like how far into the future? I’d guess 50- 100 years?

It was the year 2054, IIRC. I believe this was shown either at the beginning of the movie or on a TV somewhere in a scene.

John IS a police man, after all, so wouldn’t he know their tricks and what they are going to do next? After all, he trained most, if not all of them.

I’m not sure what you mean about the futuristic clothing…I mean, our clothes today are not as “futuristic” as people from the 1950’s thought they would be. I mean, we are not all running around wearing silver jumpsuits, ya know.

We aren’t? [embarassedly slinking away]

The Pre-Cogs spend their entire lives in the water hooked up to neural interface computers…basically, they are state slaves.

Isn’t that a bit abusive to children who are wards of the state?

Uh . . . yes? Did you get the idea that there was some sort of benevolent government in place in this future? I mean, with the constant, 24-hour surveillance and the arrest and imprisonment without a trial, I can see how it would be easy to get that impression . . .

At one point Agatha calls John Anderton “John Anderson”. I’ve seen the movie twice, and it’s pretty unmistakable. I can easily understand how she made the mistake, though.

When John is in the magnetic car (quite cool, I thought), and it’s been overridden, he kicks out the left side window to get out of the car. It then goes over the ledge, so now he’s standing on what WAS the left side. The window is unbroken.

How were they going to take PreCrime national, if there were only three precogs? They couldn’t make more- the process supposedly killed all but those three kids. Their range was only 200 miles- so they couldn’t have acted nationally.

Maybe retro is the big look in 2054.

We don’t necessarily know that the process that made these three specific people was that fatal: the pre-cogs were an accidental by-product of a treatment for children born to drug-addicted children. These were the only three to survive, but that might have been because they were the only ones that received the proper life-saving treatment. By the time it was refined enough to save their lives, the rest of the children had all died. If the program went national, they could apply this process to a new generation of kids and make a whole batch of new pre-cogs.

Same reason that the pedals on a bicycle stay parallel to the ground even though the crank arms spin 360 as you move. The passenger car swivels so that gravity is always pointing in the right direction for people inside the car (you’ll notice that when he jumped on someone’s vertical car, they looked UP at him, not to the left.)

When he goes into the tank area to get Agatha he flashes his eye up at the retinal scanner, but the scanner doesn’t bother looking at the eyes he has in his head. All the other scanners would look for eyes at random. One would think such an important one would do the same. Also, I can’t figure out why he didn’t go blind after the spider picked up the bandage. Was that guy just screwing with him?

Also, were they based in the Reagan building? I thought that was an interesting choice if that was the case, as I had thought.

I could be mistaken here, and would appreciate a clarification…

I thought the pre-cogs could only see murder because it was such a personal or passionate crime. Yet in the shopping mall our kidnapped pre-cog was rattling off random bits of advice “don’t go home, he knows”…“wait, wait, wait, wait” [balloons block protagonist from his followers]. All of a sudden she is a regular psychic…

If she was the strongest Precog, then maybe her powers extended to non-homicide related events.

Maybe the girl Agatha cautioned against going home was supposed to be murdered. :wink:

Maybe the “he” in question was the balloon man! :eek:

The outside shots were of the Reagan building, but I don’t think the movie meant to say that Reagan building was turned into Pre-Crime HQ. They just needed an impressive facade for PreCrime HQ.

My little nitpick is that they showed skyscrapers outside of Max von Sydow’s window. There are no skyscrapers in DC. It’s conceivable that they are built in the future, but none of the other shots of DC in the movie had skyscrapers.

I was puzzled by that precog in the mall bit too.

But, what about those “sick sticks?” All the cops I know (socially, of course) like nothing more than to WWF with up-chucking street criminals. Better to just conk 'em out, doncha think? Why not a heat-seeking no hands night-stick?

And those cars, going up and down while sideways, how’re we supposed to drive AND swill our tripple venti no foam nonfat extra HOT hazelnut lattes of the future???

I need to clarify my nitpick a little. I realize that there were some high-rise apartments depicted in the movie, but they didn’t look like what was out Max’s window.

And given where PreCrime HQ is located, the skyscrapers likely would have been visible in the last scene on top of the Willard. I guess my nitpick is more of a geographic issue a local would notice than an actual plot hole.

Actually, while DC has no skyscrapers and MR showed no skyscrapers in DC, it is easy to see across the Potomac into Arlington/Rosslyn, Virginia, where they have many fairly large skyscrapers. Conceivably, even today, from certain vistas within DC, you can certainly have a view of skyscrapers in the background. In the future, Rosslyn is perhaps more developed and even more conspicuous from an office in Foggy Bottom, Georgetown or even Pennsylvania Avenue…

My biggest nitpick is that he was still able to use his eyes for entrance to a highly secure area. Didn’t they remove his access once convicted of murder? And they were able to track him all over the city by random eye scans but the one into the bulidling where they are just lets him waltz in? And these eye scanners can pick eyes out at random from 20 feet away but they can’t check to see if there is a pulse in those eyes?

Actually thats three nitpicks. Oh well, I was on a roll.

That’s the 2nd time someone has mentioned “sick sticks” - did I miss that in the movie? I don’t remember hearing them called that. I just thought it was a taser-type thing that made the cop vomit b/c he zapped him on the neck.

I still don’t understand why they would have that doctor tell him that he was the one that ruined his life, then never follow up on it. I kept waiting for that to pay off somehow, but nope - he’s never seen again.

That’s just to get Anderton all worried that the doctor might torture him or rearrange his face while performing the operation. :slight_smile:

Here is a possible explanation for why Anderton still had access to the Temple:
Okay, the old man manipulating all of it, Lamar was his name I believe, was also quite high-ranking in the realm of Pre-Crime. Now, surely he knew how everything was going to turn out, so perhaps he deliberately kept the access open so that Anderton would end up shooting…I can’t remember his name. It’s a bit far fetched, but it might just serve as a good enough explanation. As for why it recognized a dead eye…I don’t know.

Why are TV’s so crappy in the future? Shouldnt people at least have a screen so furniture doesnt screw up the projector image?