Mirror-image or not? A poll

You are facing me and you have a smudge on your face.

I say, “You have a smudge,” and I point to my left cheek.

You would think the smudge is:

a. On your right cheek
b. On your left cheek
c. On your face but you do not know which side
You see that I have a smudge on the left side of my face. To point it out you point:

a. To your right cheek
b. To your left cheek
c. To whichever side is easier no matter which side the smudge is
When I point to my own face to demonstrate a smudge on someone else’s face, I point to the right if it’s their right and to the left if it’s their left.

Most people I’ve run across think it’s the opposite side, as if I am a mirror–that if I point to my right, it’s their left, and vice-versa.

I know I’m a freak, but am I a freak about this?

No. I’ll automatically touch the cheek on the opposite side, like they were my mirror reflection. It seems like to interpret that as “Oh, you’re touching your right cheek, so you must mean MY right cheek” takes some thought.

Maybe we’re both freaks?

© If someone did it to me, I’d immediately just be confused, because I do not know whether they mean left or mirror image. If I had a hope, or HAD to choose, I’d pick (b) my left cheek.

(none of the above) If you have a smudge I would point to your cheek, because I don’t know what you would assume if I pointed to my face.

It’s not a thought so much as an instinct. I just don’t think of someone in front of me as a mirror-image. Right means right; left means left.

And no, I’m pretty sure you’re way more normal about this one than I am. :smiley:

We really need to nail down a standard on this. Almost every time, when I tell someone they have a bit of food on their face, they go for the wrong side. If I point to my right side, meaning their right side, they’ll brush off the left. If I point to my right side, meaning their left side, they go for the right.

You’re not alone being baffled by this one. To answer your poll, I point to whatever side I think that they’ll understand. Then, when they invaribly brush the wrong side, I say, “No, the other side.”

Mirror image. If I’m facing you, and you are referring to my face by pointing to your own, I’ll assume you’re referring to the side across from where you’re pointing.

I wouldn’t point. I’d say “left” or “right.” If you didn’t get it the first time, I’d say, “no, the other side.”

I think of it as if someone (facing you) were to point, “they went thataway.” Obviously, you wouldn’t go to the opposite direction, so to be consistent, I would use similar logic regarding the face.

I assume you’re pointing to the side it is on from my perspective. If you’re pointing to your right, I assume you mean my left.



I’m more likely to point at your face for the smudge, and not mine at all.

If you point to your left cheek, I’d assume I have a smudge on my left cheek.
If you had a smudge on your left cheek, I’d tell you, while pointing at my left cheek, “You have something right here, on your left cheek.”

I don’t think I’ve ever typed “cheek” that many times in my life.

I always do it mirror image. Don’t remember having problems getting myself understood.

Ditto. I kept thinking (why wouldn’t you point to the actual smudge???) until I got to your post. :smiley: