Mirror Universe Dopers!

Would this be Cafe or MNSSHFBS (whatever tf it is…) ?
Take our current crop of Dopers, exchange them for Trek’s Mirror Universe Dopers.

Describe them and their posts.

¿ :dubious: ?

Cervaise would be a completely inept and inarticulate person with no ability to reason or analyze, and he’d gush over every episode of ENT, no matter what.

Manhattan would let trolls and dipwads walk all over him.

Polycarp would be one mean sonofabitch whose posts would be full of rage and nonsense. He would also be decidedly atheist.

Lamia would barely be able to make a coherent thought in a post. And nearly every word would be misspelled.

Wearia would be an old woman from New Mexico who dips snuff.

Esprix would head up an anti-gay ministry for high school drop outs. His posts would all be in purple, inexplicably…

Satan would be a Moderator.

Carniverousplant would hate all TV and movies and fiction books.

Tars Tarkas would enjoy the attentions of of large slavic women. He would be a high school drop out who always posts about conspiracy plots.

I, NoClueBoy would still be a god. In any universe. Bow down! Bow to your maker!

I’d like to hear somebody do me. I suppose in a mirror universe, I’d be good, since in this universe I have a goatee, meaning I’m evil.

Marly23 would be a Creationist and a music hater. He would be known as a OTP for his railing against rap music. English is his second language and it shows in his odd syntax.

handy would have like three posts.

I see the spelling of my name would change for some reason, NoClueBoy. :wink: What’s a OTP?

OTP = One Trick Pony

Someone who can basically be counted on to twist all posts to his/her own narrow interest.

Not always a bad thing.

We have several on this board.

Q.E.D. would be a no nothing dumbo. He would be the oldest member of this board and have maybe 7 posts. Soon, he will overtake Handy and have negative posts.

Stoo-ped pain pills! KNOW nothing, not NO nothing

All my posts would have perfect spelling and grammar.

A certain synodically named dittohead comes to mind…

I bet I would be exactly the same.

vivalostwages would be an inarticulate high school dropout who pinches every penny and spends all her time on the SDMB harassing all the TMI posters.

Sounds like my no good cousin, Lars Tarkas

**Mirror Image egamI rorriM ** would be **Image Mirror rorriM egamI **

Lynn Bodoni,TubaDiva, Arnold Winklereid, etc. would all be long banned trolls that keep coming back under new names to bug the sdmb again. The mods would be Mark Serlin, Concrete, Phaedrus and other witty, well spoken posters.

Fenris would constantly post dick and fart jokes. He’d hate comic books with a passion and be alongside a bonfire with Max Carnage and E-Sabbath burning silver age batman and superman issues. When challenged, Fenris will post “Naa naaa I’m not listening mister stupid face!”.

Polycarp is consistently proven wrong, and is known in GD for the only poster to never provide cites or back up statements with facts, and to never win a single debate. He also lost in a debate with handy, despite that being handy’s one and only post.

The Grapist would be the most upstanding citizen on the SDMB and will soon be promoted to Administrator.

Cecil Adams would have the posts per day of Q.E.D..

Libertarian would be a republican who rarely posts outside of MPSIMS.

FlamsteretteX would always lose track of peoples birthdays and would constantly post about how much she hates kittens and children.

Rue DeDay would keep his threads on topic and never use parentheses.

I think this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me on the SDMB. ::sniff::

Here’s a few of my own:

Collunsbury would be an elderly white-suited gentleman of the Old South. When matters of international importance were being discussed, he would proudly mention that he’s never been outside the US, or north of the Mason-Dixon line. He’d never use harsh language, since ladies read this board, but his deep distrust of Ay-rabs would frequently slip out.

Eve would post frequently, and drunkenly, about how her love of daytime soaps and the companionship of her fifteen dogs are the only things keeping her going on days when the other women in the trailer park are so bitchy to her just because they wish they could look so good in a lime green hot top and halter pants…hic…I mean…halter top and…you know…

andygirl and matt_mcl would be helping Esprix encourage troubled young teens to “Pray Away the Gay Everyday!” andygirl would be a barely literate high school dropout, and matt_mcl would do anything to avoid having to set foot in a Metro station.

pepperlandgirl would hate the Beatles, but she’d hate that scrawny guy with the leather jacket and the fake English accent on Buffy even more. He ruined the whole show for her and she had to stop watching.

Me, do me! I’d love to be done! (Kinda like a turkey, only different.)