Mis-routed toll-free number

Okay, so an online store has a toll-free number posted on its web site that for some reason routes to our company’s phone number. We’re getting calls constantly from customers asking where their hair-care products are (that is SOOOOOOO not our industry)!!

We’ve contacted the web master about that. We got a response saying oops, our fault, we’ll correct it.

We’re still getting calls.

To whom should I take this??? I’d LIKE to say the phone company, but…how do I know which phone company???


Try for a rep. Explain the problem. Have all numbers on hand.

Consider selling hair care products

Yeah! It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity! :smiley:

On a local level, I was having some work done on the phone lines at my house about a year ago. For a few hours, the lines were crossed so that the wrong number rang the phones in my house. For that period, the phones would ring about once a minute with someone trying to reach some investment company. It was a real annoyance until they got it straightened out – and, as I say, it was only for a few hours.

I’d recommend calling the company and talk to the sales or marketing dept or perhaps the president of the company instead of the web master and explain the situation. If it persists after that, just tell the callers that the company is out of business.

If the above doesn’t work, I’d suggest you start telling the callers that you are sorry, but you (the other company) are out of business due to some regrettable “incidents” with some of your hair care products.

Most likely someone fat fingered the forwarding. Those 800 numbers are usually owned by that company but forwarded to a call center. You can call your phone provider and ask them to do a block.

I have a second phone line that ends in xxx-4000. A local taxi company number ends in xxx-0000. Bartenders tell their drunks that need a cab ride home to call “xxx 4 zeroes”. Then, being drunk, they frequently call my number, xxx-4000 instead of xxx-0000. This generally happens when the bars close, about 2am. And being drunk, some of them abuse me when I tell them they have the wrong number. Those obnoxious ones get told “we’ll be there in 15 minutes – wait out in front for the cab”.

But mostly, I leave the ringer on that phone turned so quiet that I only hear it if I am in my office.

My wife’s law firm used to have 800-722-7662. Pretty rhythmic & sorta memorable.

The Barona hotel/casino http://www.barona.com which advertises incessantly on daytime TV watched by retirees was (and still is) 888-7-BARONA, or 888-722-7662.

You can see where this is going …

Old folks hadn’t yet absorbed the idea that toll-free numbers could be anything but 800-etc. So even though their ads & website have the 888 in big letters, we got a lot of calls for reservations and information.

Most of the folks were very polite when we patiently explained the right number to call. But some nasty old codgers & biddies just couldn’t accept that they were wrong. We always took their reservations & offered them the special AARP combo deal: 70% off the room and $100 in free gambling money.