Misbehaving Samsung projection HDTV

I have a Samsung projection HDTV with a frustrating ‘feature.’ Whenever it loses power, either because of an outage or because the power cord is unplugged, it refuses to go back on for quite some time (about a day, usually). I can’t figure out why it’s doing this, nor how I can fix it. Samsung tech service can’t seem to help me.

Additionally, sometimes it loses focus (the red, green, and blue components of the picture separate. I can’t get it to autofocus, nor does the manual focus seem to work. Usually letting it sit a while or repeatedly pushing the power button fixes the problem, but I wanted to know if there’s a reset switch somewhere in the set that would solve both problems.

Any ideas or experience with Samsung projection HDTVs would be much appreciated.

If you don’t get anyone to help you on this message board, try the audio visual science forum. Do a google search for it-- the mods here frown on direct links to other message boards.

Sorry, don’t have a direct answer to your problem, but a workaround might be a UPS. I have these on most of the important electronic equipment in my home, including my Samsung (DLP) rear projection TV, as well as my computers (yes, plural). Can’t recommend them highly enough. Wish I had one for the whole house.

I appreciate the advice, and I will check some other forums. I know a UPS can be a lifesaver on a comp, and I suspect wonky power might be a problem. A UPS is just a bandaid, though: I think I need a way to completely reset the TV.

BUT, a UPS will keep the TV from ‘knowing’ that the power went out to begin with. As long as the power is out for a short enough period of time and the TV isn’t on and consuming all the power it’ll be like it never lost power to begin with. Other then that, I would call Samsung. Is it still covered under a warranty (manufacturers or extended)? Maybe you can get it fixed.