miscarriage due to near alcohol poisoning

is it highly likely that a fertilized egg in a woman’s body will die if the host (or girl) consumes enough alcohol to nearly posion herself ( like 15 shots in 2 hours)
if not do you guys have any other ideas.

Yes. Here’s an idea: go to a doctor and get an abortion. Or put your second accident within a year up for adoption too.

Also, have the number for an ambulance handy for when your girlfriend approaches death from alcohol poisoning.

Please someone close this thread soon. Please.

Think about this: if the alcohol poisoning gambit doesn’t work, think about all the terrible things that could be wrong with that baby if it is carried to term.

This is about the scariest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Reported. This is truly insane.

It’s one thing to ask what would happen to the fetus if a pregnant woman got alcohol poisoning. It’s another thing to ask for alternatives to this if it doesn’t work.

Go get help, seriously.

Listen to missbunny: Doctor

hauss, how’d you like to be my patient?

Attempt to carry out your plan, and it could come to pass that you’re the patient of some physician who treats convicted felons.

This needs to be closed.

It doesn’t need to be closed, it needs the OP to come back and admit they were joking/have changed their mind and were under a lot of emotional stress at the time of posting.

I’m still interested in the factual answer (if it happened accidentally), but I appreciate that this may no longer be the time or place in the light of the OP’s second sentence.

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Hauss: if you want advice on abortion go talk to a doctor. Alcohol poisoning can be deadly.

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