Miscellaneous trivia from tonight's movie line-up

The Hindenburg (1975) was on tonight. Robert Clary (LeBeau from Hogan’s Heroes) played a character name “Joe Spah,” who was indeed a passenger aboard the doomed airship. In fact, he was a suspected saboteur. In real life, Joe Spah performed under the name “Ben Dova,” and had a small role in the 1976 classic Marathon Man as Dr. Christian Szell’s brother. (If you’ve seen the movie, he was one of the people involved in the car accident early on.)

Also on tonight, was Hell’s Highway (1932) which featured a bit role by an actor named John Lester Johnson. In real life, Johnson had previously been a heavyweight fighter, and beat the crap out of Jack Dempsey in a 1915 (or 1916) fight, although it officially was a “no contest” decision. Back in the old days, if there wasn’t a knock-out, a fight would just be called after a certain number of rounds, and a lot of times there wasn’t any scoring. Thus “no contest.” Johnson would do bit roles in movies for about 20 years, his most famous being (to people of a certain generation, anyway) as “Uncle George/Bumbo” in the “Our Gang” short The Kid from Borneo (1933).

There was a movie with Sandra Bullock in it on TBS tonight. I’ve heard she shops at an organic grocery store in Austin, TX.