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Not sure what prompted this, but I wanted to know what a trillion US dollars looked like so I got the measurement for US notes and decided to use the highest current denomination, the $100. If I did the math properly (doubtful, but I show most of my work), here’s what I got.

100 x $100 = bundle of hundreds =10,000

All American bills of any denomination are printed on paper that is about 0.0043 inches thick, so a new bundle (Federal Reserve strap) of 100 bills will be 0.43 inch thick (1 cm)

US currency bills are are 2.61 inches (6.4cm) wide and 6.14 (15.6cm)inches long; they are .0043 inches thick and weigh 1 gram.

b = bundles, k = thousands, etc.
10b = 100k
100b= 1M

Area of a football field = 300 x 160ft = 3600 x 1920 inches

735b x 586b = 430710b arranged longways up and down the field

or 312b x 1379b = 430248 arranged longways across the field

1T dollars is a football field layered in about 232 bundles of 100 dollar bills. using the 430710 number

At .43 inches thick each, 232 bundles would be nearly 100 inches (99.84 inches) or over 8ft tall (8.32 ft)

Also 232cm or 2.32m

At 100gm per bundle, the weight would be 43,071kg or 19,536 pounds or 8.9 tons.

If you don’t have room in your house for your trillion dollars of hundreds, I can trade u for a Trillion Dollar Bill. :wink:


One Trillion Dollars


Cool!!! So cool. Thanks.

This last bit looks a bit off… wouldn’t 1 trillion 1 gram bills weigh 1 trillion grams, or 100 million kilos?

$10,000 in hundreds weighs 100 grams IIRC.

Oh. Right. $100 bills, not $1. So, if $10k weighs 100 grams, $100k weighs a kilo, $1 million weighs 10 kilos, $1 billion weighs 10k kilos, and $1 trillion weighs 10 million kilos.

You’re right. I forgot to multiply by the 232 layers. My weight was only for one layer. For all 232 layers I got 9,985,512 kg. = 4,529,357 pounds = 2,059 tons

Thanks. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

edit: I assume the difference is rounding error since your number should technically be on the money, so to say.

More trivia - using aplastic bag to get a cork out of a bottle. Except a guy in Argentina has taken the idea to the next level and wants to use something similar as a birthing device. The article does not seem to go into much detail but i guess you can use your imagination.

Oh, thanks, deltasigma! I heard an interview with that guy on NPR, and didn’t really understand how the plastic bag trick worked. Then I forgot to look it up. :slight_smile:

He said it had been used for childbirth a handful of times, and he was present for most of them.

I really would not want to try and thread a plastic bag like object into a woman in hard labor … actually I can’t even figure out how to try and ask someone if we can shove this thing in and hopefully pull the kid out without damaging it.

Somewhat relevant: http://www.cockeyed.com/inside/million/million_dollars.html
[link to humour site cockeyed dot com / how much is inside article - safe for work]

Sure. I wasn’t sure if that would be considered in bad taste or not. :slight_smile: