Misfire on cylinder 3 Ford Tauras question

Hello to all you greasemonkies out there- As I was driving my Service Engine Soon light came on in the car. I had it checked at Autozone and they said it was a “misfire on cylinder 3”. The guy said it was likely a dirty spark plug or maybe a bad wire. He couldn’t guess after that.

I’m out of town and I can’t have a mechanic look at it until next week. Some notes- it runs just fine and it didn’t run any differently when the light came on. The Autozone guy reset it, but it did come back on. A few days later it went off again, and is currently off.

Any thoughts on what this code could mean? The other piece to this puzzle is that the fuse system in this car is way weird- the manual sucks and you can’t tell what fuse goes with what. I’ve had what I believe are possible fuse issues. My fan for the AC/Heat stopped working, and when a friend fiddled with the fuses, the antilock brake light came on the dash. The brakes also seem to be working just fine. Another weird possible fuse issue was a few weeks ago- I tried to use my hazzard lights and they wouldn’t come on. A few days later I tried them and they were fine.

So, oddball fuse issue, bad plugs, or both? I"m taking it to a mechanic next week, but am wondering if anyone has ideas about this misfire thing.

Most likely an intermittent problem with the spark plug, plug wire, or coil; possibly a faulty fuel injector. Replacing all the plugs and plug wires may resolve it, and is not a bad idea if the plugs are about due anyway.