Miss Potter is a delightful film!

I saw Miss Potter a couple of weeks ago at a sneak preview and it opens tomorrow, so I thought I should say something about it. The movie is about Beatrix Potter, the children’s author.

Before the movie started, I knew absolutely NOTHING about Beatrix Potter. Well, I knew that she wrote children’s books, but I couldn’t have told you which books if you’d held a gun to my head. As far as how much I knew about her life, she could have been a lesbian, living in Miami, in the 1960’s, is about how ignorant I was.

Well, Miss Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) wasn’t a lesbian, she lived in London and later, northwest England, and her most famous creation, a character I’d actually heard of but didn’t equate with her, was Peter Rabbit.

This is a small movie, not one for big hype and bombastic promotion. It’s sweet, gentle, quiet, moving and delightful. I’ve done a lot of reading about BP since I saw the movie and from what I can tell, the movie was VERY accurate. I’d be interested to hear from a Beatrix Potter fan and what they think after they see the movie (or I can answer questions). It’s a straight-ahead biopic and definitely a chick flick, but men with the right mindset will probably like the movie too. My husband, who missed the screening, wants to see it and I know he’ll like it. Children might get bored because only a fraction of the film is devoted to her creations (but those bits are imaginative and wonderous, because the characters are her friends and they come alive on the page).

While in retrospect I would have preferred Kate Winslet in the role, Renee Zelwegger does a good enough job. She made me like the character and feel for her in good times and bad. Beatrix Potter was an upper class spinster who had no drama in her life (until one specific event) and who wrote and drew animal characters. She lived a long, wealthy life and never had a hint of scandal touch her. One might wonder how that could NOT be boring as hell for a biopic, but I didn’t find it boring for one second. I salute the filmmakers for not adding anything extra just to add more drama.

Everything about the movie is done very well, the script, acting, art direction, set decoration, cinematography (oh the scenery of the Lake District is breathtaking!), special effects, costumes and let me not forget Ewan McGregor. He’s such a doll! For those who loved Ewan’s character in Moulin Rouge! (sweet, enthusiastic, endearing) this is another performance you’ll love.

Highly recommended for those who think they might like such a movie. Cynical folks should probably go see something else.

I saw the trailers for it when I went to see *Happy Feet * last weekend. It looked very good. I’ll add it to my list. I never actually read her books as a young child, but funnily enough, came across them when I studied Latin at school. I still remember The Tale of Jeremy Piscator.

I was a deprived child and never read any children’s books when I was a kid. I’ve never read Alice In Wonderland either. I read a lot, but mainly books for older than my age. I believe that all of Beatrix’s works are public domain, but I haven’t gone looking for them. I did become interested in her life though, especially her efforts at conservation.

This movie should have been in theaters over the holidays. Those folks who had to go see Night At The Museum because they wanted something clean and entertaining to take their mom or grandma* to, should have had this one as an option. My theory is that if it had been released during the holidays, it would have been talked about by the bloggers/movie sites as a potential awards season/Oscar contender, which would have given the wrong impression of the film as high-brow Oscar bait. Renée Zellweger (correcting my own spelling) was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes, but that’s different.

I think this would have made some good money if it had been available as an option for folks during the holidays.
*I’m a mom and granda, but I have very eclectic and tolerant tastes.

They should rename it to get the kids in. How about Beatrix Potter and the Rabbit of Azkaban?

Beatrix Potter and the Rabbit of Azkaban Soduko.with kung fu action grip!