Missing college student, help find her!

I feel like I should do something to help. There is a 22 year old missing college woman named Dru Sjodin.

She is a University of North Dakota student missing since Saturday from the Columbia mall in Grand Forks.

As for now, she is presumed alive. Please keep an eye out for her, and keep her in your thoughts. What a horrible ordeal for her family before thanksgiving.

Sorry, here is a link with a picture.

Having a girlfriend from UND and being stationed in Minot. . .


I hope someone at least has a clue to her ‘dissapearance’.

That is really sad. I hope she’s found safe and alive.

Buy WHY did the boyfriend not call the police? A second, silent phone call was received. Then he called the roommate who called the cops. This boy is not behaving as he should.

And what about the mystery caller at the lingerie shop? For weeks!