Missing OP's?

I did a quick search in ATMB but didn’t see a thread on this.

I’ve noticed that some OP’s are being eaten - for example, my thread here. What’s the dealio?


I was about to ask the same thing. Other effected threads are:

Help me Out here…(a marriage rant)


Small claims court…Do I have a case?

Please read the “technical questions” FAQ in ATMB and if you have more questions return to this thread to post them.

Yeah, Arnold, question. According to the FAQ,

This implies to me, although I’m probably reading it wrong, that although the server gets interrupted, it’ll eventually get around to kicking the post through. However, looks like that’s not the case, at least in Esprix’s thread. So, can one assume that if one’s OP doesn’t show up that it really is gone forever? Or do some eventually get recovered?

Suggestion: if there is a way for users to differentiate between times when their post has really, truly evaporated, and times when the server is just hiccupping (a common cause of double-posts), that disctinction should be outlined in the FAQ; at the very least that would alert new users to these quirks (I recall my third, fourth, and fifth posts here were one grand triple-post).

No, it will not go back and resubmit the queries that get screwed up. So as you said, “one (may) assume that if one’s OP doesn’t show up that it really is gone forever.”

There is unfortunately no practical way to make a distinction between one condition or the other.

Just to confirm (not that people would doubt Anthracite) - when I say the transaction gets interrupted I mean it will be stopped and will not complete.
When the server times out during a submit, you can’t tell if the submission was complete or not.

When the server times out on me, I’ve taken to hitting “preview” to see if it showed up in the thread. If it does, fine, and if not, I’ve still got my post ready to be submitted.