Missing rundll32.exe. What to do?

Situation: My mother’s running Windows ME and has recently been unable to launch certain programs because the system “cannot find rundll32.exe”. Looks like work of a virus or trojan (apparently CoolWebShitter is known to trash this), as there is some other wierdness (can’t find “cmd.exe” either to launch a DOS prompt). The OS came preeinstalled, so I don’t have any disks to reinstall the file.

After lots of Google, and reading this thread the three most cited options are
[li]Reinstall from the disk - Like I said, I don’t have any disks[/li][li]“Dude!! ME sux ass!! Upgrade to XP/Linux” - Nice advice, but doesn’t really solve the current problem.[/li][li]Download the rundll32.exe file from the merijn site - Now we’re getting somewhere[/li][/ol] However… major problem with that download. Rundll32.exe is compressed as a zip file. When I try to uncompress the file, I can’t launch the uncompressor because (you guessed it) “rundll32.exe not found”. Any ideas of how to get around this hold-up?

Heh, I just downloaded the ME version, unzipped it and tried to send it to you but Gmail doesn’t allow sending of executables. :wink:

Here ya go.

FYI If you rename a .exe to anyling like .rename2exe you can then send through Gmail

That did the trick. Thanks a million!

Ah sheesh, that would make sense. Duh. Thanks.

And, you’re welcome CFoHG. :slight_smile: