Mississippi abortion vis-a-vis 15 weeks

On one hand, how is 15 weeks measured? From the onset of the prior menstrual period? How do they know when that occurred or when I had sex?

Suppose the doctors think I’m 18 weeks pregnant, but I insist it’s no more than 12 weeks and I have a receipt for tampons that I purchased 11 weeks ago.

(What they don’t know is that I bought the tampons in anticipation of a menstrual period that never occurred. I kept the receipt just for this occasion)

I don’t why tampon purchase would be proof of a particular and dated menstrual period.

I think the start of pregnancy is typically measured from the date of your last period, but the measurement is probably done using fetal development. Otherwise, anyone seeking an abortion would just say that they got their period 6 weeks ago or whatever.

It’s not absolute proof, but it could be evidence in a criminal trial. Most trials rely on reasonable conclusions drawn from evidence.

You can also bleed when your pregnant, so a person could be mistaken.

I don’t have 3 or 4 periods every time my preferred brand is on special offer…

Well, sure, but if I were on a jury and the woman had a receipt for tampons, I might consider that enough for reasonable doubt that she thought she could be no more that X weeks pregnant.

If I ever end up on a jury in an abortion trial, I’m voting not guilty.