Mistaken ID & Musical Disillusionment

I had an argument once with a friend where I vehemently claimed that All The Young Dudes was sung by David Bowie.

Wrong. It was Mott The Hoople.

(Though I think I should’ve gotten some slack because the song was written by Bowie.)

Well, the only radio station she listens to is the “Classic rock from yesterday and today” one so they mix the old & new a lot–but still, I wish I had some Janis I could actually play for her to show her what aural night and day sound like.

As for messin’ with her mind, it’s tempting, but I think it’ll be more fun how many other artists are out there that she’s already mistaken about. Kinda like a treasure hunt. :smiley:

Oh, and Algernon: That’s the one I was most “ignorant” about for the loooongest time.

:eek: Well, I’m admitting my musical ignorance right here and now because I thought the same thing until this very minute.

ArchiveGuy, Greywolf73, maybe we should form a club or something? Guys Who Mistook Hoople For Bowie. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

(Could anyone sound more like Bowie than Ian Hunter? I wonder if he always does, or if it is just on Young Dudes.)

You guys have to go easy on yourselves - Bowie sings the song all the time in concert (when he is of the mind to sing older songs, that is). Just Google “Bowie Young Dudes Sing” and you will read a bunch of concert reports…

and a quick check of Amazon shows a version he recorded included on Best of Bowie

For over a decade I thought U2’s cover of “Everlasting Love” was by The Alarm. It wasn’t until I listened to the U2 B-side album that I found out the truth.

I used to think I really hated Crosby, Stills, and Nash because they did all these hippy-dippy songs that I couldn’t listen to for more than a few seconds before I had to change the station. Then one day I got trapped in someone else’s back seat with the radio set to an oldies station, and for the first time in my life I was forced to listen to “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” in its entirety. It turned out I hated one big-ass multipart song of theirs instead of 4 or 5 shorter songs.

One friend still thinks Patti Smith’s “Because the Night” was Jefferson Starship. I’ve been correcting him since 1984 (we went to a Springsteen show and he wondered why Bruce would cover JS. I pointed out (a) Springsteen wrote the song and (b) it was Patti Smith, not Starship. After the 1999 E Street Band reunion show, he asked the exact same question. At first I thought he was joking, or just trying to piss me off, but he was serious. He remembered that Bruce wrote the song, but was still confused concerning the performer.

Back in say 1994 or so, a radio station was playing Stone Temple Pilots’ “Core” in its entirety. A radio hit came on and I reacted “Huh, I always thought this song was by Pearl Jam.” That happened 2 more times before the album was over.

I have that double CD set. It’s fantastic. Though I have to say that I like Mott The Hoople’s version of All The Young Dudes better.

I didn’t know he regularly sings it in concert. I thought perhaps he simply recorded it for posterity – in the sense of “I wrote it and I’m going to record it so people know it’s mine.”

I used to think “Hot Blooded” was by Kiss instead of Foreigner. Maybe my 8-year old mind associated Kiss with blood…for some reason. :smiley:

I’ve always referred to The Alarm as “The Poor Man’s U2” anyway, so that’s not too much of a leap. :wink:

I used to think it was The Beatles. I warrant no slack.

Oh good. I wasn’t gonna be the first to admit that I thought it was the Beatles.

There’s a video of Bowie performing this live with Ian Hunter.