Mister Rogers Neighborhood - where was he going at the end?

At the beginning of the show, Mr Rogers walks in the house, hangs up his jacket and puts on a cardigan, and swaps his dress shoes for sneakers. The assumption is, he’s coming home from work and getting comfy, right?

Then at the end of the show, he puts his jacket and nice shoes on again and leaves. But he’s already home, right? So where is he going?

My guess - now that the show is over, he’s heading down to Mister Rogers Neighborhood Bar to throw back a couple of whiskeys.

The house was his ‘television house’. He was coming to visit with “us” for a while.

.that is not my real house. I think of it as my “television house.” That is a place where I stop by during my workday to have a television visit with my friends."

This was an answer to a kid asking about the bathroom in the house, but I think it’s still the right answer. IIRC, Mr Rogers didn’t blur the line between what’s real and what’s imaginary. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he was trying to hide that he was an actor on a set (as you would on most TV shows). He seemed to work on the assumption that kids are smart enough to grasp what’s going on.

Yeah, he’s putting on his work clothes to meet with his writers and producers, make sure the puppets are in good condition, take his turn answering phones for the pledge drive…and strategize with Robert McNeil, Bob Ross, Carl Sagan, and Big Bird on how to take down that bitch Julia Child in the next company poker game.

He’s headed out to the package liquor store on Sesame Street.

He was going to Kill His Landlord.

Cill his landlord, you mean.

He’s going to catch a ride with Pee-Wee.

I was gonna say “off to score” but I think I won’t now.

I should have included the link:

Back to his crypt.

He would go to a church basement down the street where a support group for Vietnam era ex-snipers met.

I’ve always thought he was headed to Appleby’s to have a bowl of soup.

He was best buddies with Bob Ross.

Not to the movie theater, we hope.

“Hey, that’s not popcorn!”
“Nope. And that ain’t butter, neither.”

But that was to prevent the trolley from killing 5 other people.

He’s actually going off to see his mistress. The whole “neighbor” thing was originally a ruse to throw off Mrs. Rogers. But then it turned out that he actually did like his “neighbor” so he kept it up for real.

Going to visit his father, Steve.

Bob was in the s**t over there. He saw Charlie take out Jerry Mathers. Fred took him under his wing and helped him cope with it using little finger puppets.

Going to score some weed in the hood, then off to a booty call with Lady Aberlin.