Mitch tells Big Corps to back off

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Basically McConnell is telling (Georgia) corporations to stop meddling in politics. He seems to be saying that they have no voice/place. I guess this means that the gop is willing to forego the donations they hope to receive, as the party of big business.


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No, I think Moscow Mitch’s message to corporations is “Just send us the money and then shut the hell up and do as you’re told”

That will go over well.

As well as this:

Yeah, I’m sensing that Moscow Mitch just stepped on his dick, metaphorically speaking. With golf shoes on. Let’s see just how fast he back-tracks when the donations dry up and sanctions start to get real.

If they were willing to simply pay and shut up, they would do that. Clearly they pay them to do certain things, and not do other things. If they ignore that last part, they then have to say something. Or, well, just silently support the other side.

That said, it’s seeming increasingly likely that Democrats were too scared of him to nerf the filibuster, so it wouldn’t surprise me if his intimidation tactics work, for some stupid reason.

It’s specifically corporations critical of voting restrictions. Which is to say corporations that are concerned with voters rights and the like, which is to say corporations less-likely to support Republican interests.

I’d wager this doesn’t affect the various Koch Industries corporations, for one. They’re surely welcome to keep on donating to the Republicans.

What is amusing is states like Georgia are looking at increasing taxes on these corporations now.

Even more specifically: Corporations that are concerned that a majority of their national and international customers might be concerned with voting rights.

They spent decades arguing that corporations are people and money equals speech. They are now trying to thread a bizarre needle wherein only corporate money is speech but corporate speech is unwelcome. I hope it blows up in their fucking faces.

Does this apply to the MyPillow guy?

Not quite. They are now trying to thread the very predictable needle that only speech the GOP approves of is speech. That other kind of speech is a crime. If some GA-based corp came out with a full-throated approval of restricting voting to white property-owning men only, Mitch would be happily endorsing their views.

Welcome to Freedom the way the RW extremists (IOW the 2021 mainstream Republican party) 's view it.

They sure did push hard for, and got their ‘Citizens United’ ruling passed in 2010. I guess now it’s united-ish. I too hope it blows up in their faces.

This is just so darn bizarre. Republicans during the Obama years rallied support through obstruction and throwing red meat to the base. Then under Trump simply became the party of grievances and they inflamed that base to red-hot levels and a complete denial of any facts that are contrary to their ideology. They’ve really put themselves into a position where now they are simply reacting to the demands of the angry mob, damn the consequences. The angry mob believes the Big Lie that the election was stolen and instead of standing up against the lies, they pass reactionary “election reform” legislation that pisses everyone outside of their angry mob off including their lifeblood - corporations. This is a party that is (hopefully) disintegrating before our eyes and it’s through their own craven pandering to the ignorant masses.

I’m left wondering where all the people extremely concerned about Cancel Culture are during these difficult times. I imagine there’s much wailing and gnashing of teeth after Mitch told corporations to shut up, the Texas governor boycotted the Rangers home opener, and Trump is calling for a boycott of Coke.

Nuthin wrong with cancellin’. 'S long as the right people get cancelled.

Would you expect anything else from Those People? The RW Fox/QAnon-fed crazies that is.

"Republicans drink Coca-Cola too. And we fly. And we like baseball. "

Mitch, the problem is that Democrats do those things too, but they also want to vote.