Mitt Romney would 'respect' Israel strike on Iran, aide says

One more reason to vote for Mitt. He’s just full of respect.

It means he doesn’t know what else to say. He knows that to be a Republican means that you must state that it is impossible for Israel to do any wrong.

I don’t know if you’re joking or not, but Romney is officially a world-class donkey. I’m so angry about him saying this. If Romney wants to help pick a fight, then I suggest that he suit up his happy butt in some desert camo and haul his happy butt over there. He isn’t putting himself or his kids at risk doing this. All he cares about is that his war buddies need a new war to keep the money rolling in.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet that said “Worse than Palin; even John McCain agrees” and that pretty much sums it up. Romney is an idiot. He’s spent his life so affluent that there were always people around to clean up his messes so that he didn’t have to learn to think or act like a human. I hope he gets a case of Montezuma’s Revenge over there that doesn’t go away for months. I wish for never-healing boils on his face and his butt. Oh, and did I mention that I think this guy is an idiot?

(I’ve been registered Republican all my life and this guy is just the end of my tolerance. Bush was an idiot and I thought we could do no worse… but then they dug up Palin… and now we have Romney… I hope the entire GOP does a full face plant in November for how they’ve screwed this party up.)

Not another goddam fucking war! NO! NO! Fuck, no! I’m too old for this shit, I was too old forty fuckng years ago! NO!

MSNBC has Dan Senor on their Morning Joe program every so often. The guy is a fucking idiot.

No more fucking wars, please.

A war would be worse than Iran getting the bomb. They can’t nuke anybody without getting obliterated. They can’t hand it off without getting caught, and then obliterated. Romney doesn’t seem very smart.

One can be very smart and very narrow minded at the same time, seen it countless times. Then their intelligence is set to work devising complex rationales to support a shaky set of opinions. Kinda reminds me, again, of GeeDubya. Smart, but not curious. There’s not much advantage to having a sharp mind if its already made up.

Romney is being positioned for a ground invasion of Iran. At three times the size of Iraq it would require 500,000 troops. This alone is enough reason to reelect Obama.

Since when did air strikes mean a land invasion? Not that obviously I find either of these options to be wise currently.

And when they don’t have Senor, they have Mrs. Senor, Campbell Brown.

When you’re after WMD, air strikes aren’t going to get it, too easy to hide. WMD? …hmmmm…that rings a knell…

…and I wonder just what type of knell that would be. Hmmm…

Three of Romney’s biggest donors are huge Isreali warhawks. His money men are gonna want him to go in too. Electing Romney pretty much guarantees war with Iran.


Well, look on the bright side. The war hawks in Israel are likely to cool their jets until at least November, see if he wins. And if he loses, they may look to cut a deal. Besides, even if Romney wins, there is such a thing as inauguration amnesia.

“I promised you what? Well, let me clarify that for you…”

Sounds good, as usual from you. What specifically do you suggest people be curious about?

None of those three people are Israelis.

(I’m sorry, but as an actual Israeli, I have little patience for American “ultra-Zionists” who can’t be bothered to live here, but are still willing to fight to the last drop of Israeli blood).

Yeah right. Like nationality matters.

You ungrateful brat! How dare you refuse to take one for the team!:smiley:

Maybe not to you, but it does to me.