Mitt's Moolah

New Vanit Fair article on Mitt and his money here:

I think that if Mitt is running on his ability to make money, then it’s fair that he be more candid about where he got it an what he did with it.

I think he’s running more on “not Obama”. It’s all he’s got- not even his fellow Republicans want him. He was just the least freak-of-naturish of all the Rs running.

A once and future P.M. of Thailand cheated the Thai Treasury out of a huge sum during the financial crisis of 1997. (He exchanged billions of Thai baht for dollars in the hours just before a massive devaluation.) I pointed this out to one of the man’s supporters, but he saw it as a positive point, proving the man was smart. :smack:

When I first started paying attention to Thai politics circa 1990, I thought, jingoistically, about how much better and less corrupt the U.S. was. Now I see the two countries’ politics as very similar.

As much as a hate defending Mitt Romney I always find demands that candidates expose every detail of their finances to be more on the side of witch hunts rather then requests for honest transparency. So I think telling people to go pound sand when they want to read your check book is an appropriate response.

I really don’t care what they do with their own money. I want to know what they intend to do with mine.

Since Obama and the Dems currently have more money in the kitty for the election (last I heard Obama is worried that this might change), what are your thoughts on what Obama is running on? :stuck_out_tongue: And should Obama be more candid about what where it comes from and what he does with it too? In exactly the same measure?

Just curious.


I strongly suspect that neither boytyperanma nor XT read the Vanity Fair article linked in OP.

The article discusses “mistakes” in disclosures, “blind” trusts that invest in family businesses, exploitation of fuzzy tax loopholes, many tricks that appear to violate IRS rules, etc., and … get this! … an IRA with annual contributions limited to $2k or $30k which is now worth $100 million! (Hint: taxpayer gets to state the value of securities not traded publicly.)

Perhaps Romney did nothing prosecutable. But some of us are repelled by the focus on greed and eagerness to bilk the U.S. Treasury.

The article is talking about Romney’s personal fortune, not the money he’s fund-raised for politics. So your comment really doesn’t make any sense in this context.

If Romney is running on his business expertise, it does seem fair to ask whether all his dealing were ethical and whether he has flouted any regulations in managing his fortune.

Yes, I was referring to Romney’s personal financial situation, as the linked article would suggest. I am not terribly financially astute, but even I can understand that it would take some mighty magic to have (just one) of his IRAs reach a value of over 100 million when contributions are capped at $2000.00 a year- magic not available to us mere mortals.

Romney asks us to trust that everything he did financially is legal. Is it too much to ask him to prove it?

:smack: Nope, I didn’t…it was just a drive by post while I was on the run. My apologies, as I assumed this was about the recent disclosure that Obama and his team is worried that Mitt and the Republicans are closing the gap in campaign funding, and I saw a lot of indignation from Dems over this.

Just skimming the article it seems light on facts and heavy on innuendo. Basically, if there is any REAL dirt on Mitt then my guess it will come out before the election, as I’m sure there are folks scrutinizing it under a microscope for anything they can find.

This is a media event, not a real issue. It’s going to resonate with folks who don’t want to vote for Mitt anyway…sort of on par with the cries of Obama being a socialist or an ivory tower liberal (or whatever). He’s got offshore investments and a Swiss bank account…oh MY! :eek:

yawn I’m not planning to vote for the man regardless, but it’s not because he’s super rich or has overseas or offshore investments. I’m neutral about that, as it doesn’t seem all that odd to me…it seems like something that many people who are very rich and attempting to defray their taxes do.