Mixed US Army uniforms (funeral honor detail)?

I was at a funeral recently where a US Army detail provided honors at the cemetery (rifle salute, taps, flag folding etc - 91yo WW2 vet, BTW).

I noticed some soldiers were wearing all green dress uniforms, and others were wearing blue uniforms with a yellow stripe on the pants, and was curious about why they might have been different?

The US Army has what’s a cut-off date for when everyone must wear a newly designed uniform. Those individuals who are past a certain point in their first enlistment must pay for the new uniforms out of pocket unless the government authorizes a special clothing allowance for them. Due to that, those individuals who will be out of the service by the wear-out date for the old uniform generally do not purchase the new (not so cheap, after all) uniforms. Personally, I like the blue uniforma better and wish the Army had gone with that instead of the greens way back when I was in the Army.

Actually a mixed service retiree honors detail is pretty colorful - in addition to the 6 guys sent out by the guys in Rochester, 4 different retired vets organizations sent representatives for my Dad’s funeral. We had assorted service uniforms ranging from WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the 80s for all 4 services[No coasties :(.] [I wish I had a picture, we also had a bagpiper and a live bugler for taps. Around 25-28 guys total. He was *really* popular.]