Mixing Nut Butter and Oil

I love nut butters on my English muffin - especially the “natural” kind or the specialty such as cashew/macadamia butter - except that there is a ton of floating oil on top which is hard to keep mixed. By the time you reach down to the bottom third you have nothing but dry old nut mud.

Is there a way to mix the oil and nut butter evenly?

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I didn’t know there were nut butters other than pea ,wich isn’t really a nut.

Maybe one of thouse hand held electric blenders would work, you could stick it right into the jar.

You are probably using an “all natural” or organic nut butter that has no food additives. Natural peanut butter does the same thing, but processed peanut butter (Like Skippy or Jiff) has added emulsifiers that prevent oil separation. Most processed peanut butters use mono- and diglycerides as emulsifiers, but those are probably hard to come by for the casual home user. You could try adding a little powdered lecithin (derived from soy beans), another popular emulsifier that is available as a supplement at health food stores.

Keep it in the fridge after mixing.

For over 30 years, I used to get fresh ground peanut butter from my late lamented health food store. Not only cheaper than the supermarket stuff, but also no sugar or salt added. The point was that I ground it there and kept it in the fridge and it never separated. In fact, I still have some that I bought a year ago and it has not separated. So once you get your nut butter mixed, just keep it refrigerated and it will not separate.

“Nut butter”? Not that just sounds disgusting! :eek:

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(1) Mix well upon purchase and keep it in the refrigerator.

(2) The initial mixing is a lot easier if you store the jar upside-down for a few days at room temperature.

Stored upside down at room temperature.

Mixed with little mixer.

Put in refrigerator overnight.

Presto! It worked… many, many thanks y’all