MLB (Baseball) Return July 23. 60 game season in 66 days

And that’s in only about the equivalent of about a quarter of a normal season. Extrapolated to 60 games, that’s 937 pitchers. However, I doubt that they could possibly use more than the about 830 pitchers used last year (in 162 games per team.)

One of my fave endpoint silliness to post over the last few years is to slam Bryce Harper with the following:

Last few years of WAR. As of the last five years, JBJ is still ahead.

Bryce Harper: 13.3
Jackie Bradley Jr…:14.1

Cubs starter Alec Mills threw a no-hitter in Milwaukee against the Brewers this afternoon. With Lucas Giolito having thrown a no-hitter for the White Sox on August 25th, I believe this is the first time that pitchers for both Chicago teams have thrown no-hitters in the same season.

And MLB is now saying that is true. How about that!

Alec Mills is the 2nd Cub to throw a no-no at Miller park.

The 1st was Carlos Zambrano… against the Astros. :confused:

Playoff race update - I am ignoring the teams at the very top and bottom.


  1. Bisons, er, Blue Jays 26-20
  2. Cleveland 26-21
  3. Yankees 26-21
  4. Astros 23-24
  5. Mariners 21-25
  6. Orioles 20-26
  7. Tigers 20-26

At one point the AL was really clearly divided between eight teams that looked like they were going to make it and seven teams that weren’t, but the Astros have seen the wheels fall off. Or maybe it’s the garbage can lids. I still think they’re a better team than the teams below them and we’re just seeing them at their nadir (ESPN feels they are 94% likely to make it so they agree with me.) At one point the Yankees were in trouble but they’ve gotten hot again and look pretty safe now. It’s interesting that even with the short season, it’s so clear what will likely happen, though seeding is up in the air.

Speaking as a Jays fan I really don’t think they’re this good and they have a lot of injuries, but they’ll probably coast in to the playoffs and would have to really collapse to miss it.

The top four teams - Chicago, Oakland, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay - are separated by one game.


  1. Miami 23-21
  2. Phillies 23-22
  3. Cardinals 20-20
  4. Giants 23-24
  5. Rockies 21-25
  6. Brewers 20-24
  7. Reds 21-26
  8. Mets 21-26

The Marlins are 23-21 despite being outscored this year by 26 runs. The Mets are 21-26 despite slightly outscoring their opponents. (Winning a game 18-1 will help with that.)

Who the hell knows what will happen? Two good weeks and the Mets are in; two bad weeks and the Phillies are out.

I’m sure you are aware of this, but just to clarify, since the top two teams in the division get in, the Astros would get in on the basis of coming in second in their division, and be the sixth seed in the AL playoffs, rather than the eighth. If they can hold off the Mariners, they’ll be in.

The real battle is between the Jays and the Yankees for second place in the division, which will determine which team is fifth seed vs being the seventh or eighth seed. That should be settled by the seven games they have in the next ten days.

Kind of an ugly outing for Pirates reliever Geoff Hartlieb tonight against the Reds.

Hartlieb came on in the bottom of the 6th with Pittsburgh trailing 6-4. He hit the first batter, then gave up three consecutive walks. He got the the next hitter to ground to short, only there was an error on the play and another run scored. That was followed by a wild pitch and another walk. He was pulled with the bases loaded and still 0 outs.

Sort of how the Pirates’ year has been going as a whole.

Yeah, I hadn’t realized how bad the Pirates were until they got swept over the weekend by the not-very-good Royals.

You’re right, and I meant to fix that and forgot to. It doesn’t make a lot of difference though; if the Astros fall behind Seattle they aren’t getting a wild card either.

I lost track of the season lately but I’m glad to see that the Yanks are getting Judge & Stanton back for the stretch run.

Boy, if I were the Yankees I’d be tempted NOT to bring them back just now but wait till the playoffs begin. After sweeping Baltimore the Yanks are extremely likely to make the playoffs, but would almost certainly be seeded somewhere in the 5-6-7 range, with or without Stanton and Judge. Those two guys are so fragile I’d seriously consider not risking another injury in a game that doesn’t really matter. (Yes, I know about rustiness and game experience…Still!)

I’ve been watching baseball for 60 years and I’m damned if I can figure out what constitutes a balk (unless it’s incredibly flagrant). Evidently Anibal Sanchez has committed two of them tonite for the Nats vs. the Rays. Damned if I can tell what he did wrong.

Does anyone know why Arizona is letting the Angels destroy MadBum? Not that I mind.

Well, the Yankees have certainly been eating their Wheaties. In two games, they just beat the Blue Jays by a combined score of 33-8 (20-6, 13-2). They had 13 home runs (none by Stanton or Judge, neither of whom had a hit). These included 3 by LeMahieu and 3 (in today’s game) by Higashioka.

And the beat goes on. The Yankees hit 6 more homers in tonight’s game, to set a major league record of 19 homers in 3 games, and 6 homers or more in 3 consecutive games. They also tied a major league record, and set a new franchise record, with 5 homers in one inning.

The Blue Jays actually made this one interesting with a comeback attempt that scored 4 runs in the 9th, but still lost 10-7. With 43 runs in 3 games, the Yankees were a couple runs off their franchise record.

Well, the Blue Jays are sure looking ripe for an epic collapse.

And yet somehow after being humiliated again, they’re actually closer to the playoffs. All the teams they have to finish ahead of lost.

Speaking of epic, is the Philadelphia Phillies’ bullpen still contending to be the worst in major league history?

After that brutal analysis appeared, the Phillies went out and traded for bullpen help, most conspicuously raiding the Red Sox for two pretty good pitchers. Of the total of four they acquired, Brandon Workman, Heath Hembree and David Phelps have rung up E.R.A.s respectively of 6.84, 8.22 and 11.37 (the fourth, David Hale has been merely mediocre).

After the second consecutive late-inning meltdown at the hands of the Mets (Workman gave up three runs in the ninth inning last night including the go-ahead homer), poor Phillies fans must be teeth-gnashing. If the Phils do manage to make the playoffs, they may need to rely on the guy who has the best pitching stats on the club, Neil Walker.

And he’s not even a pitcher.

I’m not that familiar with the Blue Jays pitchers. Are they actually that bad? Most pitchers are never given the opportunity to give up 5 home runs in an inning.

Well, it would appear so.

I mean, of all their starting pitchers, only one, Ryu, has any substantial success in the last two or three years. Of the rest:

Matt Shoemaker has usually been hurt and has not played full time in four years.
Taijuan Walker has usually been hurt and has not played full time in three years.
Tanner Roark has been a replacement level pitcher for three years.
Chase Anderson has had one good year, three years ago, which was obviously a fluke.
Nate Pearson has never pitched in the big leagues before.
Robbie Ray has been really good in the past but was available only because he fell apart this year.
Julian Merryweather is a 28-year-old rookie.

I mean, whaddya expect?