MLB Camera Angle ?

Watching any televised baseball game there is a shot from behind the pitcher. For obvious reasons the camera can’t be placed in the center field bleachers directly behind the pitcher. So there’s no choice but to offset it a bit to the right of the mound (as it’s viewed on TV). Anyone know how much off an offset is used? Is the offset consistent in all ballparks? Does MLB set the offset/angle? Same questions w/regard to the height of the camera in relation to the playing field.

The offset isn’t consistent between fields. For years the Yankees had the camera on the right field side, as opposed to the more common left field shot. The camera was located in the “B” of the Ballentine’s ad. The Fenway camera is dead-center and high. It all depends on the park, the team and the local TV franchise.

Here’s a pretty good article about trying to match the various angles in a video game that has pictures of all the different parks.