MLB- Kick FOX out of here

I would think he is referring to this incident:

I think his point is that if a foreign country is willing to send its young men to fight and die to defend the United States, the least an American network could do is not cut away from our fucking national anthem.

Canadians Boo US National Anthem

That is just one link I found in a .02sec search for incidents like this. Canadians (not all) have been ignorant towards the American anthem for quite some time. It’s pretty well known. Hell I think they boo’d the US anthem at the Special Olympics a few years ago. Respect goes both ways don’t you think?

To say “Canadians died supporting the US war on terror in Afghanistan so at least let us hear our national anthem pricks” sounds quite a bit different than “Apparently Canadians are good enough to die by US friendly fire in Afghanistan, but not good enough to forfeit 90 seconds of commercial revenue.” Like somehow you are MORE entitled to your wishes because Canadian troops were involved in a friendly fire incident with the US. Like you think it was intentional or something.

I’m sure there are plenty of friendly fire incidents out there where Canadians have wasted some poor guys from some other country.

Indeed it does. I can remember the first time I heard an anthem booed. It was “O Canada,” at a Yankees game. Regrettably, that sort of thing seems to be happening more and more on both sides.

Sorry, but anyone who shows such disgusting behaviour deserves to be Pitted. So what’s your problem with pitting FOX over it?

I have no problem pitting Fox over it. That’s fine. I do have a problem with the not-so-subtle dig at the US by managing to inject a US friendly fire incident into a pitting of a TV network.

Friendly fire incidents are (typically) accidental. Unless you are saying that it was intentional then STFU about it. I’m sure the guys who were all tangled up in it on the ground feel bad enough about it. Do you continually remind your kid that they wet the bed 3 years ago? Just so they don’t forget?

I wasn’t taking a dig at the US. Friendly fire happens. My beef with FOX is, hey we’ve got this wonderful country to our north, they fought with us at D Day, they fought with us in Afghanistan, we’re sharing the longest undefended border in the world. It’s FOX that needs the history lesson- they seem to forget that our good neighbors are just that. Slighting them would have been rude whether or not the friendly fire incident had occurred.

Dude. Decaf. Just sayin’.

Back on topic – yes, 90% of the t.v. baseball announcers are irritating, to say the least, which they don’t. Besides the fact that they talk about everything except what’s going on NOW, on the FIELD, dammit, I am fed up beyond belief with lame interviews with some celebrity, or camera shots of the guys in the booth, and then, oh, yeah, BTW, somebody just got a hit.

I do often turn down the tv sound and listen to the radio.

When this happens on the radio, the commentators always mention that some umpires cut the breaks short by a few seconds. If the ump shortchanges the break–going 85 seconds instead of 90–you’ll miss the first pitch.

No idea if that is true for TV.