MLB- Kick FOX out of here

I’ve had it, MLB please come to your senses and get rid of these stiffs. How many ways can you screw up an All Star game?

FOX To Canada: Drop Dead For at least the third year that I’ve noticed, Fox has chosen to go to commercial during the playing of the Canadian anthem. The British anthem was a fitting tribute to our British friends, but Canada actually had a team represented plus a player. Apparently Canadians are good enough to die by US friendly fire in Afghanistan, but not good enough to forfeit 90 seconds of commercial revenue. This is particularly rude since the game was played in the only border city in MLB.

Gimme that mike Why does FOX feel the need to have Jack Buck do the player introductions? Comerica Park has a PA announcer, why step on his toes?

Gimme that advertising board For big games, FOX likes to hijack the ad behind the batter for its own use. You can tell this when replays show a green screen back there.

First pitch, who cares? Was there a ceremonial first pitch thrown last night? Who threw it? Beats me. I would have liked to have seen Al Kaline do it, but apparently this would have been too much to ask to see on television.

Whoops, guess we got back late Twice that I recalled last night, FOX missed the first pitch of an inning on commercial break.

This Time it Counts FOX has tried in vain for years to find a player who gives a rip about the effect this game has on the home field World Series advantage. They’re still looking. The gimmick sucks, nobody cares about it, nobody watches because of it, and it really isn’t fair that the NL pennant winner has to suffer due to shortcomings of the stars of lesser teams in this game.

Irritating Graphics I guess we’re too dumb to figure out who scored or made an out without the logo for the team flashing. To be fair, they’re just as irritating with the same graphic in football.

Scooter The illegitimate son of Peter Puck needs to go out to pasture.

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie Yes, that was a great home run in 1971. In fact, I was in Tiger Stadium that night and nearly got Clemente’s homerun ball in the upper deck in center. But how many times did we need to see it? Shades of Franz Klammer and his downhill run.

Diamond Cam You know what, FOX? I don’t really care what the view of a myopic earthworm in front of the pitcher’s mound is. The view sucks, it doesn’t show anything new, find another use for that toy.

Tim McCarver Need I say more?

I love Fox coverage of football, excepting Troy Aikman. But Fox coverage of baseball is insipid.

I am really hoping that they put that ‘blue dot’ technology into baseballs.

No mention of the graphic showing the AL starting lineup with *Carpenter * pitching to Varitek?

One more clue, not that it will help: I do understand trying to attract younger viewers, the future fan base. No problem here. But to do that, you first have to (A) Kill Scooter - he’s insulting to any fan old enough to pick up a ball, and (B) Kill McCarver, then get an announcer who’s actually played the game in the last 30 years. Or at least one who understands the rhythms of the game well enough to know to shut up for a few seconds once in a while. “The earplugs - they do nothing!”

Well, you can mute the FOX sound, and turn on the radio, if you’d prefer the ESPN radio guys.

But you still see Scooter and Tim.

Good OP. But you forgot to mention the inane interviews with AL and NL managers while the game is in progress. Dumb, distracting, pointless.
One good thing about seeing how far Tim McCarver has declined, is that I feel less regret about the Mets replacing him with the non-stop babbling of Tom Seaver.

And why the fuck does the All-Star game winner get home field advantage? What was the point of that, other that screwing over the NL?

I wonder if Joe Buck is still counting how many outs left until the Cubs get to the WS.

I hate FOX, ESPN and YES broadcasts. The ESPN commentators regularly seem to just ignore the game and start talking about any old thing. It’s not rare for them to acknowledge a batter coming to the plate, then only return to the actual action to announce a strikeout (if it’s Bellhorn) or a single (if it’s Damon).

I’m beginning to prefer just listening to the radio streams on Give me pitch by pitch commentary any day.

I can’t watch a game with the sound off, while listening to the radio stream. has a significant delay on their radio stream. Ah well…

As a Red Sox fan, I like watching Sox games on NESN. Seeing Wally doing a headstand in his Adirondack chair always makes my day. :slight_smile:

Oh and I agree, Tim McCarver is a tool. Here’s something I posted about him in Cafe a while ago…

"Last year after a Red Sox game in Boston, my friend and I were sitting at the oyster bar in the Union Oyster House. Tim McCarver (who had called the game that day with Joe Buck for Fox) and his wife came in and sat next to us.

After chatting for a while about this and that, his wife says to us “What do you think of the show?” My friend replied “We love Joe Buck, he does a great job”

They were outta there in 2 minutes."

God forbid the Bush Network recognize the existence of Canada as a sovereign nation. Bush himself certainly doesn’t.

Joe Buck, not Jack.

Mea culpa. I’ve been calling him Jack for years. Of course Jack was his dad.

I agree completely with your post, BTW, and could go further. Like cutting off Ernie Harwell midsentence to see some hoser try to win a free taco or something. And giving Miguel Tejada a car, as if HE needs a car.

By the way, does anyone know if Jeannie Zelasko is pregnant? She certainly looked it.

What the fuck is this supposed to mean?

You’re not very smart, are you?

It was pretty clear from the OP what he means. If Canadian soldiers die from US fire, the least the US can do is not go to a commercial break when they play their national anthem during a ballgame. If you disagree, say so, instead of pretending not to know what he means.

Small quibble - the Fox network is not “the US”.
Actually, it might be fun to have PBS try to do the All-Star game.

True, FOX is not the US. But I still think it’s rude.