MLB MVP Thread

Cabrera’s Triple Crown wins the AL; Posey’s great comeback takes the NL. Thoughts?

No surprises.

Pose was pretty much a given, and Cabrera over Trout simply proves that most of the voters still favor the “old time” stats over them newfangled ones.

Cabrera and Trout both own restaurants.

Trout’s restaurant, by all objective accounts, serves somewhat better food, is cleaner, and has a more competent waitstaff. Cabrera’s restaurant is very good too, just not as good as Trout’s. So, clearly, Trout should get the…

…wait, what’s that? Cabrera’s restaurant won the award for Brightest Neon Sign Out Front, and the award for Largest Parking Lot? The famous “Double Exterior” award? Oh, in that case, let’s give the “Best Restaurant Award” to Cabrera!

That pretty much sums up for me what the voters were thinking. Le Sigh.

Trout was the better choice, but it’s not an indefensible or embarrassing selection.

Trout should have won. I agree with Marley, though; while I feel Trout was the more deserving cadidate, this goes into the category of “not the guy I think should have won but a hell of an MVP-type season all the same.” This isn’t at all comparable to ridiculous choices like Dawson in 1987, Juan Gone, Justin Morneau, all the relief pitchers, et al. Not even close. I felt the same way about the Cy Young voting; I thought Verlander and Kershaw should have won, but Price and Dickey weren’t ridiculous choices, like Pete Vuckovich or something like that.

Posey was a pretty obvious pick. I don’t know how anyone could object to him.

Well, they could hate America…

Let’s see… Posey has played two real seasons in the majors. Rookie of the Year and a World Series ring in the first, then came back from a major injury to win Comeback Player of the year, NL MVP, and another ring.

Not bad. Did I mention his wife is smoking hot?