MLB & One-Armed Pitchers and others?

How many one-handed or one-armed pitchers have there been in MLB? There was one in recent years, but I forget for whom he played. If he was NL, did he ever bat? Also, I seem to recall hearing of another from yester-year. Did that pitcher ever bat?

Any other such players in the Majors? If so, could they field and bat?

  • Jinx

Jim Abbott is the picther you’re thinking of. He pitched for the Angels for most of his career, with a few stints with the Yankees and Chite Sox, but his last season was with the Brewers in 1999, after they had moved to the NL.

Abbot had 21 career at-bats, all with the Bewers. His stats show he had 2 hits, 3 RBI and 10 strike outs in those 21 at-bats. He swung the bat one-handed when he batted.

Well, Jim Abbott immediately comes to mind. He played from 1989-1999 almost exclusively in the AL, so he didn’t have to bat.

He wasn’t a pitcher, but there was a outfielder named Pete Grey, who played for the 1945 St. Louis Browns.

He batted .218 in his 77 game career.

Long before Abbott, there was Pete Gray, a one-armed outfielder(!) who played one season with the St. Louis Browns in 1945.

Hugh Daily pitched in the majors from 1882-1887. Had one arm.

Jim Abbott pitched a no-hitter once, as well.

Hugh Daily also pitched a no hitter.

He didn’t pitch after his arm was removed due to cancer, but I always think of Dave Dravecky. I carry his baseball card to remind myself not to be a wimp.

The Braves Played against a one armed pitcher recently. The Commentators talked about how well he played, and obligitorily talked about abbott.

That was probably Chad Bentz of the Marlins. He has a deformed right hand, similar to Jim Abbott.

It appears he was sent down to AAA Albuquerque, though.

All pitchers had/have one arm. The issue here is the ones who didn’t have two! :smiley:

Jim Abbott took a lot of BP and could hit the hell out of the ball there!

He was also pretty quick with the switch from throwing hand to glove hand, so he could field struck balls that came back to the mound.

Since we’re discussing ballplayers with missing limbs, why not Monty Stratton? The pitcher was injured in a hunting accident that resulted in the amputation of his right leg. He had pitched for the White Sox in the mid-thirties. While he never made it back to the majors, he did have a succesful minor league comeback. His life story was amde into a movie starring Jimmy Stewart.

Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown lost most of one finger and part of another in a farming accident. he was a hall-of-fame pitcher for the Cubs during the deadball era.

There was an infielder for the Giants and Astros in the seventies eho sliced off two of his fingers in a household accident.

That was Roger Metzger, who won a Gold Glove at Shortstop for the Astros in 1973. He played his first Major League game with the Cubs in 1970 (he was the 16th overall pick in the 1969 draft), but that was the only game he played that season and he was traded in the offseason to the Astros. He was sold to the Giants midway through the 1978

After the accident, which happened in the offseason between 1979-1980, Roger started seven games and pinch hit in several others, but only collected 2 hits in 27 AB and retired in August of that year.