MLB: September

The last games of August have been completed. Here’s how things stand going into September.

AL East: Boston leads by 4.5 games
AL Central: Detroit leads by 8.5 games
AL West: Texas leads by 2.0 games

NL East: Atlanta leads by 15.0 games
NL Central: Pittsburgh leads by 1.0 games
NL West: Los Angeles leads by 10.5 games

AL Wildcard: Oakland and Tampa Bay hold the top spots, with New York 3.5 games out.
NL Wildcard: St. Louis and Cincinnati hold the top spots, with Arizona 6.0 games out.

What are your predictions for how it will all end up? Thoughts about your team(s) going into the last month of the regular season? Post-season predictions?

Hey, the Dodgers signed Michael Young. It cost them nothing but still…Michael Young. Oh well, at least Mattingly has already said he doesn’t want him to be anything other than a bat off the bench or a fill in for injury guy.

I’m feeling supremely good about the Tigers. We have some strong defense at short and second. Jose Iglesias was a phenomenal pick-up. Peralta can go do his thing somewhere else as far as I’m concerned.

I hope Leyland gives Cabrera some days off to get his ailments in order. Give him a week, 10 days. I’d rather have him off the lineup now than in October. The Red Sox are coming up, but we can handle them without Miggy. Then it’s the Royals and White Sox, with a smattering of the Mariners. I don’t see us losing too much ground.

Verlander’s up today against the Indians. It’s days like this in past years where I’d be feeling pretty good-- a near-guaranteed win. Now when JV takes the mound, I feel the same way I used to feel when Porcello was pitching.

Daniel Bard has been DFA’d, and it’s about time. He should be a lights-out closer now, but moving him into the rotation last year was worse than a failure. Even a token inning or two in the low minors is only enough to show he can’t find the plate with a map anymore. Maybe it’s Steve Blass disease, who knows, but he’s just ruined now.

Anybody want a reclamation project?

I think the upcoming Texas-Oakland series will determine a lot about the AL West race. If Texas can sweep, it’s pretty much over. The other way and Oakland will be the front-runner.

Dodgers complete a home sweep of the Padres to start the month off right, before heading of to crush the Rockies. August was berry, berry good to us Dodger fans.

A mild gripe at the way sports media report statistics of ballplayers traded between leagues during the season.

No, Justin Morneau is not suddenly hitting .333. Is there some compelling reason you can’t use his overall average with the Twins and Pirates? After all, you don’t have trouble listing Jake Peavy’s record at 11-5, even though he’s 3-1 with the Red Sox and 8-4 with the White Sox. Do previous records vanish into smoke the instant you’re traded to the other league?

Race for the NL West:
Dodgers now 81-55, up by 11.5
Az is at 69-66.
If the Dodgers play .500 from here on out, with 26 remaining, they end at 94-68.
The Snakes will need to go 25-2 to match that.

Actually yes sort of. MLB has never combined the records for a player across both leagues within a season and always has combined them when traded between teams in the same league. Of course now you can get almost any kind of split you want somewhere on line.

MLB is an ass.

League leaderboards and records and such sort of necessitate the distinction, though of course Morneau’s no threat to lead the majors in anything.

In 1990, Eddie Murray had the highest batting average in the major leagues but did not win a batting title. Weird but true. Willie McGee was batting .335 for the Cardinals when he was traded to Oakland. He hit .274 for the A’s and his overall average dropped to .324, while Murray, finishing the year with the Dodgers, hit .330. McGee was the NL batting champion because he hit .335 in that league. The AL batting champion, George Brett, hit .329. Murray, at .330, didn’t win any batting title.

Similarly, Mark McGwire in 1997 led the major leagues in home runs and did not win a home run title; he hit 58 homers, but split between - again -Oakland and St. Louis. The home run titles went to guys who’d spent the whole year in one league; Ken Griffey (56) and Larry Walker (49).

This all made sense when the NL and AL were, you know, separate leagues, with their own umpires and strike zones and rules (hello, designated hitter!) and they only met in All-Star games and World Serieseseses. Now, with all this interleague play (every day?) and combined umping crews and Bud Selig singing kumbaya with both league “commissioners,” there’s really just Major League Baseball.

Like it or hate it (I preferred it the old way), here we are. The notion of separate AL and NL records is kind of quaint and outdated anymore, but we still got em.

(missed the edit window … that used to be okay by AL rules …)

I mean, look, even Chris Davis’ AL-leading home run number includes games he played against NL teams, just like Max Scherzer’s wins or Joey Votto’s batting average or Miggy Cabrera’s errors. The numbers are all built with a combination of AL and NL competition - why keep the fiction of standalone AL and NL stats?

If Ban Johnson could see this now, he would never have started up the AL to compete with the NL. Of course, he’d be 148 and probably not able to see at all …

What a dominant performance tonight by Homer Bailey and Aroldis Chapman. Damn when those guys are on they are ON! Reds also called up OF Billy Hamilton and he stole a base and scored the game’s only run to defeat the Cards 1-0 in his major league debut.

Keep an eye on this Hamilton kid. No other team in the bigs has a weapon like him with his speed and anticipation stealing bases.

Pending the outcome of the Pirates Brewers game the Reds could be two back with one more against St Louis tomorrow. Damn the NL Central is TIGHT!

Even Yadier Molina cracked a grin at the kid stealing on him:


Pirates 81 wins! Look out playoffs! Woo hoo!!!

You are correct. After tonight, his average is .444
20 years. The longest losing streak in any major sports league in the US. OVER. Clemente must have said “no way are you ending season 21 without getting 81 wins.” (21 was Roberto Clemente’s number. I wish it was 2).

Congratulations, seriously. That is far too many years of suffering for any city’s fans!

I will save my well-wishes for you in the playoffs until the matchups are determined. :slight_smile:

At last, our long regional nightmare is over. Let’s get a WINNING season streak started Wednesday!

The Reds will take you down and systematically destroy your hopes and dreams!