MLB Spring Training 2009

You’ll be the only one.

You’re talking about Philadelphia, remember. Sports fans’ memories are short enough at the best of times, but Philly fans seem to have a special talent for forgetting past performances. They were booing Jimmy Rollins about ten games after he won the MVP, ferchrissakes.

No, I’d be happy too. Come on 0-162 for the Phils :slight_smile:

Who? A couple of idiot callers on WEEI? “The first month”, sheesh, dude …

The team’s medical staff being all over their guys, benching anybody with any little booboo, is reason not to.

The pressure I refer to isn’t game situations but from fan attention. Boston is an oppressive market for a star athlete to live in, so are New York and Chicago, but Detroit is, well, not. A Tiger can screw up and not get harassed out of town, and that provides a sense of security in a way.

But not in New York. Any better ideas why?

Wake was hurt much of last year, and may be (dare we say it) done. He’s at the age when pitchers, even knucklers, who lose it lose it fast. Plus, it might actually help the team if he left - they need to break in the next catcher, but the Sox’ backup job is to catch a knuckleballer. Varitek has never learned how, and Josh Bard has already shown he can’t - even if he were the Catcher of the Future, and San Diego letting him go for nothing is further evidence he isn’t.

But yes, Byrd would have won a few games that Buchholz lost.

The good news for Cards fans: The Cards avoided arbitration with Ankiel and Ludwick; Carpenter is still smiling after throwing off a mound; and Pujols is going to skip the World Baseball Classic.

The bad news: Pujols had to have a cortisone shot in his elbow; they really seem to be serious about moving Schumaker from the OF to 2B; and the bullpen is still a reality show.

This is going to be a fun spring. The summer? Maybe not.

Rogers had one bad year in New York. He’s had bad years in Texas, had a bad year in Minnesota.

And his bad year and a half in NY seemed to have a lot to do with getting off on the wrong foot with Torre for some reason. I’ve heard accounts where for inexplicable reasons Rogers and Torre did not get along and Torre road him the way he road Wells. The difference was Wells had a personality where he not only took it, but dished it back and channeled his anger into pitching better. Rogers appears to have just wilted instead.

Yes, I remember that I’m talking about Philadelphia. I live here, thanks.
And thanks ever so much for taking the opportunity to trot out the old “Haha Philly fans suck hahaha” horse for another good flogging.

The Tigers, Bonderman is supposed to be healthy. I am not sure what he had but, he had angioplasty, a rib removed and some veins rerouted. I do not know if his life was in danger but he was shut down last year when they found whatever it was. He had no feeling in his pitching hand. That is not a good thing. He was 25 when he got the operations.

As a Philly fan, like Jimmy Chitwood, I am still basking in last year’s victory. So, whatever they do is gravy in my mind.

I think, in retrospect, they overpaid for Burrell’s replacement. Not because of his talents, but because of the amount other teams are paying this offseason. It’s going to be really tough to start the season without Utley. He’s a great hitter, and from what I saw his fielding is quite good as well. But, I am happy that Howard is signed. I hope he is working on hitting lefthanders and offspeed stuff. Hopefully, he can take less time this season getting out of his annual early season slump.

Still, every game they will be getting cheers from me- no matter the score. And, when Tampa comes for interleague play Pat will be getting the appropriate Thank You cheers. I hope plenty of people join me.

My self-delusion is getting stronger. The Cards look to have a decent starting rotation – Carpenter, Wainwright, Lohse, Wellemeyer, Piniero. Wellemeyer is getting good reviews for his work this spring, and he was decent last year after some initial trouble converting to starter. According to the always-reliable pronouncements from Cardinals’ management, Carpenter is healthy and throwing great stuff. The bullpen looks fair to middlin’. McClellan, Motte, Perez, and Thompson shouldn’t cough up too may games. Right? Right?

At least according to the sportswriters, The Schumaker Experiment doesn’t look like a complete fiasco. He probably doesn’t need to clear mantle space for the Gold Glove just yet, but maybe he’ll be passable. I worry about a novice at 2B with the ground-ball pitching staff, but… What? Oh yes, a glass of Kool Aid would be lovely, thank you.

Hahahahahahaha. Can I get you a refill?

In the first game of spring after 5 innings, the Cards are up 3-0 over the Marlins and Shumaker hasn’t committed an error.

Let’s just anoint the Cards world champs and skip all those messy games in between. No sense giving the Cubs a chance.

Well. They’ve gone and coughed up three runs in the 8th. I just got a peek at the box score, so I don’t know who to point the finger at. Probably some nobody they’re giving an inning to just out of politeness. Yep, must be.

Really liking what my A’s have done this offseason. Holliday was a steal (although I thought we gave up on carlos gonzales too soon, the guy was a doubles machine his rookie year) even as a rental. LOVED the Giambi pickup, just because it gives everyone a chance to dust off their old jerseys and relive the old days*. We just picked up Cabrera for short stop, which is good because Crosby appears to be on the Ben Grieve career trajectory and I think Cabrera is underrated. Defense is going to be an issue, but if Chavez can regain some semblance of his early years we have a decent lineup, a ton of good young pitching, and arguably the worst division to compete against in baseball. The Angels are worse than last year (no K-Rod, and they turned teixeira into abreu and inexplicably are not signing Manny) so I think we have a shot of our old standby - winning the division and losing in the first round of the playoffs. I’m ready for it!

*The Giambi situation is fascinating to me. Had he been a monster for the Yankees, no WAY would we have signed him, the fans would be rioting. But because of the way it turned out, and the Yankees wound up jumping on the grenade and saving us from the $100 mil semi-bust, now it seems all is forgiven and I expect the fans to welcome him back. Baseball is funny.

I agree with the sentiment, but don’t think losing K-Rod really hurts them. Their bullpen will be just as good, and may be better by subtraction. 62 saves is impressive, but his actual stats can be duplicated. They’ll be worse, but not much worse.

He was dominant against the A’s (9 games, 8 saves, 1.17 era) so my impression may be biased, but I think you are underestimating how hard it is to find a pitcher who can give you 68.1 innings with 77ks, 2.24 era and 62 saves.

Possibly, but the Angels have always managed to stockpile extremely talented relief arms. Arredondo will do a very capable job, and posted similar stats - maybe not quite as many Ks per 9, but both his WHIP and ERA were better. Saves are a terrible measure of quality, so that doesn’t count.

One should never base their opinion of a player off of 7.2 innings of work.

I’ve been watching him dominate for 5 years, so this is hardly a snap judgement. I just don’t see your logic where you take (one of) the best relievers off a team without adding anyone of note and somehow they are better.

Oh, it’s explicable all right. Even the Dodgers are walking away now, and they were the last team interested in his shit.

What happened to Moneyball, and bringing up the kiddies and letting the expensive veterans walk? Are salaries down enough that the A’s can afford to play the same game as the rest of MLB again?

Krod was once one the two or three best relievers in the game, but now he is merely very good. Last year, despite the saves, might have been the worst year of his career. Fuentes will be at least 90% of the pitcher that Krod was last year. Over 70 innings that probably will be less than a win difference.

The Angels real problem, is they have a slow, injury prone lineup without much power or patience. Abreu helps, but it is still a poor lineup.

K-Rod is an excellent pitcher. But he’s an excellent pitcher that is getting noticeably more and more tired each year, due in extremely large part to his violent delivery (one of the most violent in the MLB). I would put pretty good money on him missing 20%+ of the season. Saying the Angels would be better without him may be hasty, but any decline due to his absence will be hard to measure.