MLB Trade deadline waiver rules ? Braves fans?

Here is a quote from ESPN:

“August 4, 2006
ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that Andruw Jones was claimed on waivers by an unnamed team, and the Braves now have until 1:00 PM Saturday to try to work out a trade with that team. Jones cannot be passed through revocable waivers again, which means this is the Braves’ last chance to deal him before he gains full authority to reject any trade as a player with 10 years in the majors and at least five with the same team.”

I didn’t realize the the No Trade rules had anything to do with it. I thought all players had to go thru waivers after 7/31. Furthermore, I thought that if placed on waivers and pulled back, the player couldn’t be traded at all anymore this year.

Braves fans … can Jones still be traded?

It looks like he can be traded until the end of the season, when the 10 and 5 rule takes affect. That’s the only reason why it’s in play: Jones is not 10 and 5 yet, but will be later, so any trade has to be worked out before that or he can veto it.

IIRC, if a player is claimed on waivers in this situation, a trade can be worked out with the teams that claimed him (if more than one team, the team with the worst record gets first dibs).

He can’t be traded. He could have been traded up until that deadline, at which point he had to be pulled back from waivers and was a Brave until the offseason. But once he gets to the offseason, he’ll have his 10 and 5 in effect. That’s what the quote says – they had until a Saturday deadline to make a waiver deal, which was their last chance to trade him before he has 10 and 5 rights.