MLB. When is it acceptable for a ball player to throw a souvenir baseball into the stands?

While watching MLB games, you see many balls tossed into the stands. Can anyone throw a souvenir ball?

Maybe a better question is, when is it not allowed, or not “cool “ to gift a ball?

IIRC there was a recent incident where a fielder tossed a live ball into the stands that resulted in two extra bases for all the runners. The other situation would be a record breaking ball or something like the ball that was the last out in the World Series or things of that nature.

The live ball situation is definitely the worst. A last out ball for the World Series would be fine for a fielder to toss into the stands (even though it would be a financial mistake, likely.)

The other big time that it wouldn’t be okay, however, would be a ball that was the first hit for a rookie. It’s generally understood that you do your best to get those back to the dugout so player can keep it. It’s just as understood that the guys in your dugout will pretend to throw them into the stands, particularly if you seem to be a sentimental or superstitious type.

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When you have “grown” men shoving 4 year old kids out of the way to try and grab a foul ball hit by some punk ass playing in his fifth major league game, your sport has serious issues.

All the “unspoken rules of baseball” are moronic and stupid.

And if you actually care if what you’re doing is cool, there is no way you can ever be cool.

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Base hit milestone balls would never be tossed in the stands since the ball is still live when fielded and the other team will be signaling for it.

If you’re asking this seriously then it’s during batting practice (before the game), any time the ball is called foul on the field (already out of play) and after the 3rd out of whatever half of the inning you’re in (because the teams aren’t playing at that moment and the ball is, again, not live).

Basically any time the ball is dead.

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Back in the day, as the man says, balls were thrown back into the stands if it bounced out of the stands. As in a foul ball. And not always. They were very conservative with their inventory and liked to hold onto it. This is what I remember from watching baseball. The owners knew they couldn’t get over-the-fence balls back, but they didn’t want to lose them for no reason. My personal observation: The baseball strike crippled the game severely. When it was over it was obvious that MLB, as a fan friendly gesture, encouraged way more fan distribution of errant balls. Even foul ball kids at the corners can distribute balls occasionally. The reason? You give a kid a ball and you have a fan for life.

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