MLK and Affrimitve Action

Does this article make sense?

Link doesn’t work. Please take some affirmative action to provide a better one.


Sorry, Golfer, I only got as far as this–

–before I got mentally sidetracked onto Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League. :smiley:

Why don’t you tell us what you think? Just posting a link and asking us what we think doesn’t constitute much basis for a debate. :wink:

If you’re just asking, “Does the article make sense?”, yes, it does. It looks like a pretty standard discussion of affirmative action, and finishes up with the hard-to-argue-with, “Judge People by Their Character, Not Skin Color.”

I just posted this because I asked a factual question in General Questions and people were beginning to start a debate on the ideas in the article. So posted this and gave them a link.

I’m completely playing devil’s advocate here, as I’m opposed to any kind of racial preferences, but one could argue that the Red Heads in the article are more likely (than the general population) of having red-headed children. And these children were “disadvantaged” because their red-headed parents were discrimiated against. Anyway, I don’t think the red-headed story sheds any light on the problem. I see no need to go further than stating that the gov’t should not discrimiate based on skin color.

Maybe the example would be better if it wasn’t the XYZ corproration, but a significant portion of all businesses everywhere. [shrug]

To add to what erislover said, maybe the example would be better if the 1936 date was pushed forward a century and a half.

Damn, I hate bad analogies!