MLM databases?

I’ve spent a bit of time this evening trying to find some info on a multi-level marketing company and I’ve come up dry. No, I don’t want to see what they’ve got to say about themselves. I found MLMTruth and MLMWatch, but they’re very limited, and there’s several sites by people who regard Amway as a cult from which they’ve broken. And I found several MLMer message boards (gathering places for those who like spam).

Are there any good, comprehensive information sites about MLMs?




Oh Arnie, don’t spam the MB.

Sorry beatle, it wasn’t meant as a spam, but as an example of MLM for those unfamiliar with the concept.

And actually I posted my reply before I noticed that the powers that be deleted my post. I was also (deservedly) rapped on the knuckles.

Try MLM survivors homepage and worldwidescam, as well as But avoid–its all pro-mlm propaganda.