Mmmmm, snakes & cakes. Yummy!

This is all over the internet so maybe most people have already seen this incredible creation, but just in case.

The Snake Cake.

I’m very fascinated by temporary art such as sand sculptures, ice sculptures, crop circles, sidewalk art, butter art and so on, because I don’t understand the mental process behind creating an amazing and beautiful work of art that you know will be gone in a few hours, days, or weeks, though I’m very glad people do it anyway (and thank heavens for photographs). I’ve never put cakes into that category. Believe me, I will now.

For some reason, this reminds me of a contest I read about decades ago, for recipes including earthworms. The winner was called “Surprise Cake”.

You might browse around here:

Cakewrecks normally covers abominable wastes of icing, but the Sunday Sweets feature some really impressive stuff. Consider, for example, the one with the life-size stormtrooper cake (about halfway down, below the Alien cakebuster and the Stargate, but above Barad-dûr).