I’m eating a very delicious homemade soup for lunch today. My wife made a batch of spinach and hot italian sausage soup. It makes working on a Saturday tolerable. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a huge batch of vegetable beef soup going in the crockpot all day (it’s my son’s favorite). It smells reaaaaaally good. I think it may be dinner time very shortly.

I’ve got the makings for Navy bean soup - I think I’ve decided what I’m making for tomorrow.

I loves me some soup…

I need to make soup again.

Maybe some chicken rice. mmmm

Last night we had split pea and ham soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. It was raining, so we had the comfort of soup and hot sandwiches which made it especially nice.

I went to a restaurant tonight where they served ‘Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.’ It was a tomato soup with a ladle of cheese soup on top with some small bread rounds floating on top.

I just got a can of lentil soup for tomorrow’s lunch. Mmmmm… hot spiced lentil soup.

(Anybody ever had Campbell’s Chunky New England Clam Chowder? That stuff is such a guilty pleasure…)

I had some soup a couple weeks ago at Sweet Tomatoes, and wasn’t able to get it off my mind until I tried to recreate it at home. Since I had only the vaguest clue what was in it - hmm, lotsa beans, carrots, tomato-y base, basil, something spicy - I just started opening cans and throwing stuff into a big pot. I ended up with about two gallons of just-a-tad-too-spicy, but otherwise really nummy, all-veggie bean soup. A couple loaves of Italian bread and a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese tempered the spiciness really well and we ate it here for three days straight.

It stormed yesterday so it was the perfect time for soup. I was busy painting so once again the freezer came to the rescue. I plopped a couple of packages of chicken chili into the crock pot to rewarm. It’s great stuff–small chunks of chicken, great northern beans, chopped celery, jalepenos and tons of garlic, and lashings of pepper jack cheese.

By the time I got the painting stuff cleaned up, dinner was ready. Ahhh, hot soup, a small salad and some garlic bread. Life is worth living again.

Soup has some magical powers don’t it. It can everything seem alright…warm you from the soul to your toes.

That stuff is SO yummy! I used to buy Progresso Clam Chowder, but in my opinion Cambell’s is so much better.

Dadgummit…now I must go get some. Methinks I got me a craving for some reason. :slight_smile:

I wanted soup this weekend, but it was just too darned hot to eat hot food for lunch. We’re not running the a/c in the day-time, yet, just when we sleep, and 85F is just too hot for soup.

Is pozole considered soup? I used my favorite new toy, my pressure cooker, to whip up a big batch this weekend for consumption later in the week. Lots of pork shoulder, chicken broth, red chile, garlic, oregano, and a can of hominy. The pork/red chile/corn combination is one of the holy trinities of cooking, in my opinion.

We’ll have it tomorrow for dinner, garnished with little cubes of avocado on top.

Today’s lunch was Brazilian Chicken Stew, from the Daily Soup Cookbook, with a salad. Served over rice, it’s very yummy, and reheats well in the office microwave. It’s a nut soup–has a cashew base. They also have an awesome Senegalese Peanut Soup. Mmmm.

Have you tried the fat-free NE Clam Chowder. It’s goooooood and no guilt to be had.

My lunch today was the “other” clam chowder…Manhattan style.

Back when I had lots of time to cook, I would make blender soup.
It took lots of time because you had to boil the blender for so long to make it tender…

I wonder if a pressure cooker would speed things up?


How about cold soup? Gazpacho, vichyssoise, all those other good ones? I have a great non-recipe: cucumber, iceberg lettuce, a little garlic, a little chicken stock, and a potato. Cook, blend and chill. Delicious.

Sounds good, Surok, but somehow it seems that if it’s not hot, it’s not soup! :wink:

I bought the ingredients to make my new pseudo-gumbo recipe. It’s a soup that’s almost, but not quite, entirely unlike gumbo. It has shrimp, chicken, sausage and whatever other ingredients I want to dump in, plus cajun seasoning. I like it even in hot weather.