Mmmmm... Yirgacheffe. True Coffee connoisseurs unite.

Man, am I ever fighting it this morning at work. So, I decided to brew a pot of Ethopian Yirgacheffe. While waiting for it to brew, I was inspired to do a little research.

I already knew that Yirgacheffe grew in only one place in the world. However, this was news to me:

Anyway, just thought you might find this interesting. Tell me what your favorite coffee is. Any brewing techniques that you’ve thought up? Any interesting coffee stories? :slight_smile:

Hmmm… guess I’m the only one…

<kicks a tumbleweed>

[sub]Poor thread didn’t have a chance. ;)[/sub]

Wow, guess dopers don’t drink coffee.

Neither here nor there, but I was born in Addis Ababa and I think that Yirgacheffe tastes like ass. I am pretty partial to Trader Joe’s Bay Blend, but since getting an espresso maker for my birthday 6 months ago, I only drink espresso. I also like to add a little cardamom to my coffee drinks.

Tanzanian Peaberry is by far my favorite, but I like all the East African coffees, including the aforementioned Ethopian Yirgacheffe (probably my second favorite) and Kenya AA (which is a little too expensive).

These are my top three coffees, probably mostly because they are grown in the East African Rift on soil derived from peralkalic volcanic rocks, which I love. A colleague of mine prefers Sumatran Mandeheling(sp?), probably because of the calc-alkalic volcanic soils. Hawai’ian Kona, grown on soils weathered from alkali basalt, is pretty damn good, too.

Regarding technique, I use the best damn coffee maker ever made: the Black and Decker Thermal Carafe™. Brews it right into a thermos, with no hot plate to overcook the coffee. My back up system: French Press–again, no overcooking hot plate.

Mmmm… coffee… I’ve got a coffee story, too, but I’m tired of typing–after lunch doldrums and no afternoon coffee made yet, you know.

Oh, this Doper drinks huge amounts of coffee!

But I’m boring. I drink whatever coffee is around, except for instant. I’ll have to look for this Ethiopian coffee… sounds good!

I love trying new coffees but am not really a connessiuer (sp!)

I’m partial to Sumatran. Seems to have a nice balance to it.

My husband likes Italian or French roast - something dark and bitter.

I put too much cream (real cream, thank you!) and sugar in my coffee to really appreciate its true taste probably! :smiley:

Oh yes… Pardon my language, but that thing kicks so much ass! My colleague has one, and I’ve yet to find one when I have money. I love it tho’, and I really haven’t scorched a pot since I started using it. Not that I ever really did to begin with.

The thing I really like about Yirgacheffe, blainer, is that it has such an amazingly rich taste, but you’d have to be a complete and utter idiot to make that coffee bitter in any way.

Rasa, I definitely recommend you get some. Kenya AA is also really good. Yirgacheffe is a seasonal coffee though, and can be hard to find. :slight_smile:

Well… apparently everything I had to say was important.

Sorry 'bout that. :slight_smile:

In all fairness to the Yirgacheffe drinkers, I have only had it once. I found it to have a lot less body than I would normally prefer. I think that I will have to go back and try it again. I bought it in a mall, so maybe I was actually ripped off.

I was once lucky enough to get a small (one pot worth) package of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. That was a nice rich and aromatic coffee.

America, home of the bottomless cup, has come around lately. People are developing a taste for good coffee.

I’ve been a coffee lover for many years. Initially, at home, it was strictly instant. Then, at some point in my development, my tastebuds perked up:) and, from then on, I never looked back.

Has to be dark. Continental Dark, Dark Roast (depending on the origin). I’ve recently had Mocha Java Dark Roast, which I liked very much. Kona, IMHO, isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. The only time I had some was when I went to Hawai’i a couple of years ago, and I expected (much) more from it. Granted, we probably didn’t have the right paraphernalia at the time but still… bit of a deception. P.S.: Don’t go to Hawai’i expecting bargains on Kona. Sheesh. Pretty much the same price as on the continent.

I exclusively use French Press, but that B&D thing has me intrigued…

If you want a treatise about coffee, Johnny L.A. is probably your man. Seems to be somewhat of a coffee nut (or bean).

Man, Bunny, that was misspelled BIG TIME:D: the word is connoisseur.
Finally, here’s something I think you’ll like. Enjoy.

Like Rasa, I’ll drink pretty much whatever’s around. At least, I used to be able to drink anything even mimldly coffee-based. Then Simetra spoiled me (even more) by buying me Yirgacheffe; now, I’m ruined for office coffee, instant coffee, and from-a-packet chilled coffee drinks. I even keep my stash of precioius Yirgacheffe hidden in my room, so no one else in the house will use it. Yes, that’s right – I’m spoiled and greedy. :wink:


I love coffee. Mostly French Roast or any kind of African coffee… as long as it’s strong without being bitter. I also like flavored coffee: hazelnut, cinnamon, toffee. Slurp!

I like espresso, latte, cappuccino, any and all of the above hot or iced, with or without cream and sugar.

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

By the way, I read in Newsweek (I think), a couple of weeks ago, about some kind of coffee that is actually harvested from the poo of a civet, some sort of wild kitty cat.

Apparently the kitty likes to eat coffee beans, and I guess some enterprising coffee-picking dude waits around until the civet evacuates the beans and extracts them from kitty’s droppings.

I think the coffee is sold for something like $300 a pound. Yikes.

Was I imaginging this? Does anybody know more about it?

It was the work of the master, Creaky…

uh, I think I’ll pass on the cat-sh*t coffee. eeeeeeewwwwww.:eek

I like Gevalia Kaffe. It’s a Swedish coffee that’s only available mail order.

mmmmmm, tasty!

Oh, Odieman! I read the article.

Poor little civets! That’s terrible. I mean about the civets that they harvest stuff from for perfume. Ouch!

Man, now I’m all sad for the civets. I hope that Chanel and the other perfume companies are telling the truth and are not really using the real civet secretions anymore.

But thanks for the link; it was excellent.

Here’s some tips on coffee chemistry. I also make mention of the special Vietnamese fox dung coffee back on 09-27-2000 10:56 AM. I guess it takes a while for things like dung coffee to trickle down (as it were) to the masses. Cecil’s column dates from 25-May-2001.

Mmmm… ass coffee. If we could only brew that with some of that New York Ass Water[sub]tm[/sub], ((ask Serendipity)) we’d have one hellacious brew going.

I’m with Ruby on this one… no thanks on the cat poo coffee. :slight_smile:

Hee! Dung coffee! (Heh. Heh, heh. He said “dung”!)

Zenster, your coffee chemistry bit really got me going! If it weren’t so darned late right now I swear I’d make a pot (Caribou Coffee from Walmart, surprisingly good, ground at home, made in a French press pot, with nonfat creamer and lotsa sugar —hey, I got to sin a little sometimes!).

The rest of those recipes made me way hungry too. Alas, I am always on a diet!