Mnemonic for Integer Multiplication Rules (LOVE HATE)

Though this sounds like a poll, I’m really looking to just find out if someone simply made this up or if it’s been used before (doesn’t have to be common, just not made up out of whole cloth).

While most mnemonics don’t make literal sense, this one has me a bit baffled as to how “hate to hate = love” is explained.

I tried reading it in a Yoda voice, but it didn’t help.



If you dislike hating, you must love things?

Ah, good way of looking at it.
…but if you hate to hate, you are hating, no? WWCKD[sup]*[/sup]?

[sup]*[/sup]What Would Captain Kirk Do?

If you “hate to hate X”, then you love X (well, in a world where everything is love or hate), even though you may (and, indeed, do) hate other things.

I’m not at all sure what the OP is asking. So my comment my not be relevant.

I take the saying to explain the sign of numbers (not just integers) being multiplied. Love = positive, Hate = negative. So negative times negative is positive.

I have never heard the saying before and I would hope that no grade school teacher would ever use such a saying. Just explaining carefully the mathematical reason should be enough. Otherwise the students end up thinking it’s just magic and a mnemonic has to be memorized in order to keep it straight.