Mobil, Gulf, Sunoco...Is there really a difference?

Well, is there? The difference in prices in my area would suggest that there is. Why else would someone be willing to pay 5 cents per gallon more for say Sunoco vs. Coastal when they are literally across the street from each other. The price difference might not seem like much, but with gas prices being what they are these days, every penny counts.

Or does it?

My mom had a credit card for the local Gulf for years. Now that I’m in college and have to pay for my own gas, this has become quite an issue. Mom swears that using several different brands of gas will harm a car. My dad says it makes no difference and just goes for the cheapest.

So tell me, O wise Dopers of the world…what do you think?

The only difference for me is the Mobil stations around me all have Dunkin Donuts inside. Sounkin Donuts inside. So if I’m in the mood for coffee and I’m running late for work, I stop there, even though the gas is more expensive.