Mobile phone switches off

A few months ago, a friend of mine managed to drop my phone in a pint of lager (not on purpose). The phone appeared to be dead afterwards.

Much to my surprise though, the phone made a full recovery after a week or so. Everything started working again, and it seems fine now, apart from one bizarre symptom. It has a habit of switching itself off every now and then. The strange thing is, it only happens in one location. Basically, it switches off every time I walk into the changing room down the gym.

I can’t understand why this is happening, unless there is some way in which phones are designed to turn off in changing rooms (so that you can’t take surreptitious photos of naked people). Seems a bit unlikely though, but I can’t think of any other reason why this might happen.

Any thoughts?

I don’t have an answer to your question, but after putting a phone of mine through the washing machine (like you, not intentionally!) and drying it out, it seemed to work OK, but after a couple of months the screen stopped working. I tried to get it repaired but it wasn’t possible. So I can only add the anecdotal evidence that it is possible for a phone to appear to work correctly after liquid damage, but stop doing so after a while.

I can’t see any way in which a phone could be made to turn off on entry to a changing room - the only guess I can hazard is that if the changing room has poor mobile phone reception, and the lager damaged the power supply of the phone in some way, then the extra power used by the phone in trying to get a signal in the changing room causes it to switch itself off.

I throw out a WAG that the changing room is a more humid environment than other places you go, and that contamination from the lager remains on the surfaces of the phone’s interior. Those contaminations absorb water from the air, become more conductive, and short something out a little better.

After the dunking, did you remove the battery, then rinse out the phone with water, or just let it dry?